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1/32nd Falcon Sports - 3rd August 2018

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Race report:-

With the summer holidays still taking its toll on members and after a re-goop 7 of us set about racing 1/32 Falcon sports (pro am). in the "B" final was Dave the landlord, Ian (back off his hols) and newbee Fee who used one of the club cars (25k). Dave went straight into the lead and was by far the fastest on the track behind him was Ian who was struggling with lack of grip and changed cars in the break and Fee who was doing much better than last week, in the end it was a win for Dave, Ian was 2nd and 3rd was Fee who did 23 laps more than last week using the same car. In the "A" final was Brian,Greg, Sue and hubby Ralph, Brian was slow off the start but took the lead at the end of the main straight, Sue was 2nd using a car borrowed from Brian, 3rd was Ralph and 4th was Greg who was struggling with his controller which he swapped only to find it was the plug that was playing up, and that's how it finished but it has to be said that Sue was flying and put in the 2nd fastest lap of the night and her 1st podium (i think). Drivers of the night go to Fee for a really good performance with a cub car and Sue for her magnificent 3rd on the podium (well done the girls). The top 3 were Brian, Dave and Sue.

See you all soon

Sandy xx


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