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1/32nd G12 Saloon/Sports - 11 January 2019

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Race Report:-

After the track had been given a good clean and re-goop ready for Sundays area round 12 of us prepared to do battle with 1/32 GP12. In the C"C final was Ian, Sue, Dave and Rich, Dave went into the lead from the start followed by Rich, Sue and Ian who was driving the only GP12, but Ian was having problems almost from the start until he had a gear go and had to swap to another car and this is how it stayed until the 4th segment when Rich broke a lead wire and someone lent him a GP12 which he never got the hang of and he slipped back to 4th, so the finishing order was Dave 1st, Sue 2nd, Ian 3rd and Rich 4th. In the "B" final was, Sandy (who borrowed a Falcon car from Brian),Josh, Frank and Fi, Sandy was first out of the traps followed by Josh, Fi and Frank and that's how it finished with Sandy keeping it out of the scenery while the others had varying success that put her in overall 3rd place. In the a final was Simon, Brian, **** and Greg and what a race it turned out to be, Brian managed to collect everyone in the 1st turn of the 1st attempt and in the rerun it was **** that took the lead followed by Simon who at the end of the 1st stint was 1 1/4 laps down then Greg who was only 8/100ths down and Brian who had lost the gears (pinion) and changed to a Falcon with no grip. In the 2nd segment it was still **** in the lead followed by Simon1 lap down, Greg who was now 3 laps down and Brian who was 11 laps down, but in the 3rd segment it was Simon who took the lead **** , Greg and Brian who was now only 10 laps down. Brian changed to his spare GP12 for the gears to go on that and then back to the Falcon, mean while Simon and **** were having a real ding dong of a race with lead changing every few laps and the race not being decided until the dying seconds when Simon had an off , **** took the lead and that's how it finished, **** 1st, Simon 2nd, Greg 3rd and i think Brian is still going round. The driver of the night is Fi for her best performance to date and the top 3 were ****, Simon and Sandy.

See you all soon Sandy xx


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