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1/32nd scale 2002 SARD Denso Toyota Supra JGTC

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I've just picked-up this 1/32nd scale SAICO 2002 Toyota Supra JGTC diecast car. I'm hoping to make a resin copy to enter in the 2004 World Proxy Race series. Unless of course someone has already made a resin copy that I could buy?

Kind regards

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That's funny. I found three different Supra liveries in Hamleys (The Most Expensive Toy Store in the World!) and bought the Denso one with half a thought to seeing if i could slot it. However, I'm never going to get around to it so please, please please will someone make great RTR Supras!

Sorry, never bought anything in Harrods. In fact only ever been in to accompany a visitor who " had to see the food hall". Still, I suppose we shoud see it as some sortof a good sign that the UK's top tourest trap stores stock slot cars at all. Not sure FAO Swartz have them on their shelves. Confirm anyone?

1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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