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1/32nd Sports cars and full house - 9th November 2018

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1/32nd Sports cars and full house - 9th November 2018

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Race Report.

Just a quick thank you to Brian who ran race control practically all night and coped very well with a very packed entry of 19 racers
You've got the job

With Stuart bringing the girls for all to rare visit and Fi back after being AWOL for a couple of weeks and Mick making a welcome appearance a total of 19 came to race 1/32 Falcon sports. The "E" final was an all girl final with Fi, Ebony and Maisy, with all of them being in the lead in the begining, when it settled down it was Fi who went into the lead and stayed there until the finish while Maisy and Ebony scrapped it out and at the end of the 3rd segment Maisy had a 9/100ths of a lap lead over Ebony but Ebony passed Maisy for 2nd place and thats how it finished. In th "D" final Stuart, Geoff, Rich and Robbie, at the end of the 1st segment it was Robbie, Rich, Geoff and with a very poor start on the dreaded red lane Stuart but it all began to change as Stuart made his way to the front Rich was having controller problems and went to the back and Robbie passed Geoff and thats how it finished. In the"C" final was Simon, Josh, Ian and Ralph and that was the finishing order with Simon struggling with his new controller, Josh was only fast in parts, Ian seemed to have a car that was a magnet for the other three and Ralph with no grip at all in fact he would have been better off taking the rubber off the hubs and roughing them up. In the "B" final Dave,Trevor, Sue and Steve, Steve went into the lead and looked in full control with Trevor a steady 2nd, Dave in 3rd and Sue 4th, but Steve was having a lot of offs which was later was found to be a faulty controller which he changed but it was too late to make any difference, meanwhile Dave steadily made his way through the pack into 1st place, josh stayed in 2nd and Sue was 3rd with Steve in 4th.In the "A" final was Brian,Sandy, Greg and Mick, and this race was what slot racing is all about with fast hard but fair racing with nothing to choose between the drivers, first out of the traps was Brian followed very closely by Greg and the other two and it seemed a long hard race and Brian was only 11/100ths of a lap up on Greg at the end of the 1st segment with Greg 1 lap up on Sandy who was 1/2 a lap up on Mick, at the end of the 2nd segment Brian had eked out another 3/100ths of a lap on Greg but Mick had overtaken Sandy for 3rd place and that's how it finished but it was very close racing all the way through. Driver(s) of the night are the girls (all 5 of them,( is that a record ?) with Sandy showing some real promise. The top three were Brian, Greg and Mick.

See you all next week Sandy xx


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