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Hi All,
I started t post in the Track and Scenery Forum titled 'Winter Classic Track in 1/43rd', click here to read the original post. I have decided to continue it here as I will be covering the cars as much as the track.

First a short recap covering the last two months (well maybe not so short).

The idea for this layout started in November when I became to cold to use the 1/32nd scale track I have in my shed. As we live in a one bedroom flat my only choice was to built a track in either the living room or bedroom. The living room has no space for anything other than a rug track and as I was looking to build a classic layout as you would see in the 60's similar to those that 'Loosesalute' has. The main idea being that I could take the track down when the weather got warmer and box up the buildings for next winter. The best place to build it was I the bay window of the bedroom which would give me a space just under 8' but 3' (2200 x 900mm).

At the moment I have had no complaints about the layout from the wife and I'm hoping it may become perminate.

Anyway due to the limited space my first thought was to build a HO track, this way I would have a wide selection od buildings, scenery and figures to choose from and a good range of static vehicles to place around the track. To this end I bought a Micro Scalextrix set on eBay.

However when the track was layed out it became clear that for the size of the track it took up quite a bit of room the main reason being the large radius of the curves. I was also disapointed with the detail of the cars. I also discovered that I could build the same layout with Artin track in the same space. As I already had a lot of Artinn track and 8 1/43rd scale cars I decided to build the track using Artin and resold the Micro set on eBayfor a small loss.

My first two cars came from a Carrera Go!!! Retro Action set, but as this had only 90 deg curves which would limit any layout design the Carrera Go track was not a option to use.

The Carrera Go Mini Cooper S and Fiat 500

When I bought my first lot of Artin track it cam with two Artin Nascars

While building my track in the shed which uses Artin track as is base I bought a Chad Valley set from Argos and this came with two Artin Mini Cooper S

And I also bought a set of two SCX Compact F1 Cars, a Ferrrari and McClaren

Just after I had decided to build the track using my Artin track a set came up on eBay with three cars and althought i didn't really need anymore track I thought it would be good to have some more cars. The set was for collection only but as I was from my home town this was not a problem ans as noone else bit on it I got it for about a tenner.

The cars included twp Porsches

and this american open wheeler

So now I had 11 cars and needed a track to use them on. My idea was to use a foam insulation board as the baseboard and to cover this with grass mats and then lay the track on the mats and use cardboard buildings, plastic figures, dicast cars and trees as scenery. To start with the first test tracks were laid on some off cuts of insulation that I had left over from other projects.

The first layout built with flyover

As I am a lone racer it had always been planed to run a pace car on one lane and althought it was possible to drive around the track at a good constant speed the track did not prove to be that interesting to race around.

The last lot of Artin track i bought had included parts to build a hump back bridge and in an atempt to incorporate this I tried this layout with two raised crossing.

But the speed of any car was limited by the hump back bridge and to a degree the curve at the bottom of the bridge and so I decided that a flat track would be the best route to go.

This was the first flat layout built

This track proved to be quite a challenge to drive and the barriers are needed to for the Artin cars to runa against. Even the Carrera and SCX cars with thier strong magnets need the barrier on the inside of the kink at the front of the track.

At this time I aquired my first two Jouef cars from Australia

A Porsche 904GT

and a Matra Djet 5

Both these cars are the later Jouef cars without the steering front wheels and although both cars ran the tyres had gone hard.

My next purchase was not a car but this D-Slot 43 chassis, the idea being to use it with a plastic kit body or even a dicast body. I then found out that it was a small chassis and for most bodies you need a long chasis. I have since purchased a long chassis only to discover that if you change the chassis you also need to change the front axle mountings as they are different lengths. I still have to find a body to use on this chassis and get the longer axle mountings.

And the one of my all time favourite cars arrived

A Jouef Ford GT40, this being one of the earlier models with the sprung pickup carriers. Again the tyre are past use and the pickup braids not in the best condition.

By this time I had also built my first card building a small spectator stand

This was the Middle of December and nothing much happened untill Christmas. Over Christmas I cut and placed a new foam insulation baseboard and as the cost of grass mats was to much I covered the insulation board which has aluminium on both faces with a cheap flooring underlay. As I have lots of ground cover and grass scatter left over from building the 1/32nd scale track this will be used to cover the underlay. I had been having a lot of trouble with electrical conductivity on the track. I had used all the best pieces of tracks to build the 1/32nd track in the shed and most of the pieces I had left along with the track I had bought were quite black but no rust. I decideed to do a quick clean up on the track pieces used a wire brush in a multi power tool. I know this isn't the best way to clear track but it was the quickest way.
Some changes were also made to the track when it was relaid as I wanted a larger gap between the back of the tack and the shorter straight in front of it to allow for some pits buildings.I also placed some MDF around the bay window, what you see is the back of a large MDF skirting, painted it sky blue. I then printed out some under scale brick walls and fences and stuck them to the MDF to give an idea of depth.

Closeup of the left side of the track

The center

and the right side

Overview looking to the right

Overview looking to the left

I originally had a lap counter in the straight by the pits were the Jouef box is but had to remove it Being Artin it worked fine with the Artin cars which have a pin guide and also with the pin guides on the Carrera Go cars. The SCX Compact cars use a normal flag guide and the lap counter would only change on every second or third pass of the cars. Following advise given by Loosesalute I purchased some replacement Urethane tyres from slotcartyres and was able to get the Jouef cars running and found out just how much fun they are to drive. But I had to remove the lapcounter as the flag duide of the Jouef cars would get stuck in the lap counter. The gap between the lap counter pins is to small to let the the guide through.

My next Car purchase was a Jouef Chapperal F2, this is the only car that has come with it's box.

I got this Matchbox Kingsize Racing Car Transporter cheap on eBay, it needs a lot of work but a least I won't feel bad giving it a respray and team markings.

I also built this main stand, again a card building downloaded from web site and reduced from 1/32 to 1/43rd scale, and filled with cheap people from china. The seated figures are 1/50th scale but as they are seated they don't appear undersize.

I also built a toilet block for the spectators to use.

The main stand also has lighting installed but this is not yet wired up to a power supply.

The first small stand filled with more small people from China

and the second small stand and people

This is the first pit box I built the full pit row will be about five pit boxes and again they will lights installed thanks to some cheap LEDs again from China

Next Car purchase was another of my favourite cars this Jouef Porsche 917LM

and then these Jouef F1 cars arrived

As can be seen the Lotus has the drivers windscreen and rear wing missing

and the Matra not only has the windscreen missing but also the drivers head and the exhust pipes hve been removed from the rear of the engine. Going by the noise this car makes it has a problem with the gears.

And a quick recap on my other Jouef cars.

Ford GT40

Porsche 904GT

Matra DJet 5

And one more car purchase this Jouef for Playcraft BRM F1

of all the cJouef cars I have bought this is the only one that had useable rear tyres, not perfect but at least the car could be driven.
To use the other cars I was swopping around the new tyre or using some of tyres from the Arton cars althougth these don't have the best level of grip.

If anyone has got through all of this then well done.
We are now at the end of January and the story is to be continued...

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nice looking track and a fast growing collection, ey?

if you still need the "L" frontend with the axle mounts for the DSlot chassis, i got 2 full DSlot chassis (in parts) lying around here, just let me know.


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You're addicted now!

I envy the ability of you guys over there to get the Jouef cars, MAny time when I find them here the are in bad shape, busted or go for allot of money; If I can get them from Europe the shipping is particularly painful and many times good axamples are VERY expensive also.

A nice layout you have there and I like how you mentioned that really it takes up almost exactly the same space as the HO!

Keep up the good work!

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Lloyd, I have to admit that in lots of things I have become a collector but this time I think I will leave the collecting to the likes of Kev, although I may well try and collect one of each model. And may be a few more GT40's and 917's.

masmojo, As I have set a spend limit which I tend to keep to (the only car so far that has broken it is the Porsche 917) and most of my cars have come from France I find that the postage is as much as the car in most cases. For this reason most of the cars have sticks missing or damaged, at least 4 cars have light lenses missing and the Lotus and Matra F1s need quite a bit of work. The main thing for me is how well the car runs and so far I've been quite lucky.

pfuetze, Thank you yes I would be interested in a front shaft holder for a L chassis as you cn only get these with a body. If you would like to PM me with the details.

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Great thread, I really enjoyed it...two things. One (here's where I'm a bit of a wet blanket), 39 full size pics is just a bit much, right?
10 is a suggested max....19 is the most I've ever seen. My suggestion would be to resize them smaller, and also break them
up so each post doesn't exceed 10. It's not a hard and fast rule...but it takes forever to load. Something to think about.

Meanwhile, on a more positive note. I'm curious about all those vintage cars with tyres in poor condition. I'd be willing to
try molding you some new urethane copies if you can part with one or two for a couple weeks. Free invitation...just a thought.
If it works, I'll send you the molds as well and you can make your own.


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Hi John,

Sorry about the length of the post, I've up loaded small photo's to me server whicj will hopefully make thing easier. This post was a bit different from normal as I was at home recovering from a stomach bug and on and off did the post over about 8 hours and totally lost track of how long it was.

Would be interesting to have a go at making my own tyres, If you would care to PM me your details I will pop some in the post. Don't think I would want to go in to full scale production but I have got a lot of front tyres to replace. I've already replace most of the rear tyres with those from slotcartyres.

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My friend Bruno, "dauremy" on Ebay is your guy for tyres. Ships all over the world & is very reasonable.( RSSlotracing sells the best quality tyres, although he only does two types of Jouef tyres, & they are more expensive).
Also, see Brunos shop

Be careful if you`re thinking of taking moulds because a few of the tyres pictured on your Jouef cars are wrong.
Jouef tyres also tend to warp & crack with age so you might not get a good mould.


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Hi Kev,
Already buying tyres from Bruno, my last lot arrive a couple of weeks ago.
When the above photos where taken I had only bought a set of 8 sports car tyres from bruno.
In the Garage shots the front tyres are all as fitted to the car when bought. The rear tyres are:-
Chapperal Repos from Bruno
Porsche 917 is on Artin tyres from the open wheeler
Both the Matra and Lotus F1's have been fitted with Bruno's sports car repos
the Ford Gt40 is on brunos tyres,
Porsche 904 and Matra DJet on Artin tyres
With only 4 sets of rear tyres I was swoping them around as needed to use different cars.
I have now purchased 4 pairs of Brunos wider rear tyres which are now fitted to Porsche 917 and both the F1's. Bruno even very kindly included a pair of rears for the BRM.
I quite agree that a lot of luck is needed to find a good set of hard Jouef tyres, as you say most even if the don't fall apart on removal tend to be cracked.
While I think it could be an interesting excercise to mould my own tyres I would not be looking to sell them and unless I could match rhe results of Bruno I would probable still be buying tyres from him. My main thought would be for moulding my own from tyres as I still need to replace all of them but I don't think they need to be as perfect as the rears.

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Hi all,
time to continue the story...

The next thing was to build some more pit boxes

and some closer shots left to right

The pit boxes are all card with the plans downloaded from and rescaled from 1/32 to 1/43. I have fitted them with a LED for night lighting, these came from China pre wired with resistor for a fraction of buying just the LEDs in the UK. You can also see some more little people from China, these are 1/43rd scale, not the best quality but cheap. They have all been painted in "suits" and the ones that don't show a shirt look like they are wearing overall so for the time being they make for ok mechanics or tram bosses. I stll meed to glue the pit boxes together and fix them to a base so they are flush with the track and finish wiring up the lights.

I finally gat around to wiring up the train transformer as my power supply. This has three seperate power outlets, 12V DC, 12V DC variable and 12V AC. The track has been fitted with two power connector straights and I have cut the conectors under the track so that each one powers a seperate lane. As they come the Artin power conectors have a common return rail and as I won't to run one lane at a fixed voltage having each lane power independentlyseemed a safer opition. One lane is power by the 12V DC outlet as normal and the over from the 12V D variable outlet the controler being replace by a controler plug from the controller and the wires wisted together. The pac cars speed is then slowly increased until it's limit is found on the slowest part of the track. One side effect I have dound from this with the Jouef cars is that after they have been running for a while they tend to speed up and I have to keep reducing the power to the pace car.

The train transformer on a shelf under the track

As I said earlier I cleaned the tarck rails by using a brass wire brush in a multi tool which appeared to clean the track nicely. However while one lane runs ok the over started to have major power problems with the rails starting to rust and the black deposits returning so I decided the only option was to copper tape the rails. For my Rally in a Shed track I bought the copper tape with conductive adhesive from China as I was strugling to find any in the UK. This time however I did find some in the UK on ebay a little bit dearer and only in 4mtr rolls but delivered next working day and it dis appear to be a bit thicker than the Chinese tape.

Here you can see the copper tape on the center section only laid on the bad lane for the moment

and an over view of the whole track

Well that takes care of the first week of Feb, more to come

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Looking great Keith.
Jouef motors need to warm up from cold & then you will find performance naturally increases. They are basically the Jouef railroad motor so a pace car will run quite happily at a constant speed.

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Hi All,

Another small up date....
The next thing done was to tape the other lane and I got one whole section laid without spliting the tape. When I do the next main track in the shed I'm going to have to make a tape laying machine.

My next purchase was another set of tyres from Bruno for the Matra and Lotus F1, which also fits the Porsche 917 and some copper braid and Bruno kindly through in a set of rear tyres for the BRM.

The Artin track is 1/43rd and is really needs to be a little wider as it can be difficault to overtake on some parts of the track with the Jouef cars so I have been on the look out for some Jouef or Champion track. All the trac I had seen was form France and the postage could be silly.

Then I found a Champion set for sell here in the UK on eBay but missed the end of the sell first time around but got it the second time for almost nothing. This turned out to be a Champion set 'C' but with one straight missing. See the add that Kev posted here. The same day I bought a Jouef set from France but more on that later.

Next up came a Ferrari F1

When this arrived it was really struggling to go around the track and just did not look right. On taking the car apart it turned out that the steering unit had been fitted with two left hand steering linkages. The car also had the exhust pipes missing and appeared to have the wrong rear tyres. As the Matra F1 was already missing quite a few parts and also had a bad set of running gear I decided to brake it down for parts and fixed the steering on the Ferrari.

And then this arrived to feed the little with some nice treats

And then another Champion set came up on eBay along with some other items and to make it even better the seller was in my home town. I won the set and one of the over head lap counter, I did miss out on some bits. The track tuned out to be a Champion set 'B' with an extra straight. So now I have a complete set 'B' and 'C'.
One interesting thing is that the two set have completely different power connector straight. The first set has a power straigh with a fix lead ro go to the transformer and three connector sockets for the controllers to plug into. The power straight the came with the 'B' set has three fixed leads, one for the transformer and two for the controllers and in would appear the the leads plus in to the controllers instead of the controller pluging into the track.

Anyway thats it for now...till next time

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Hi all

ok time to continue the story with the next update

As I said before the one thing that had put me of buying any Jouef track from France was the very high postage rates. However I can to realise that if I was to buy a complete set with cars then the costs might not be so bad. With a average cost including postage of about £20-£25 per car from France and this is how I came to buy a Jouef Super Grand Prix Set.

Going by the information on Gentelmendrivers web site the set would appear to date from 1974 and builds a 4 lane circuit aprrox 6mtrs long with a banked section or a 12mtr 2 lane track. The set contains 4 cars, Ford GT, Porsche GT, Apline GT and Ferrari GT but from the information given the Ford GT in this set had been replaced with the Carabo. While the ebay add gave full details on the condition of the cars and box it did not really give any details in the track only to to say that some of the accessories are missing. Based on my average car cost buying 4 cars would be £80 - £100 pound and as I got this set including postage for just under £80 it meant that the set was a good value buy.
So a week later the set arrived first the cars

The Porsche 904 GT.

and as advise the tyres were past it, one headlight was missing and one spot light but at least the car had steering front wheel which I much prefer to the later fixed wheel models and the latter fixed type braids. I have replaced the missing spotlight by using the only one fitted to my other Porsche GT but could not replace the headlight as both cars have the same lens missing.

The Ferrari 250 GT

This is the latter fixed wheel version but at least I have the Ferrari without having top pay over my limit for it. This car has the later type wheels where the tyre just pushes on against an inner rim and all 4 tyre had split. The rear wheel appeared to take the wide F1 tyre and these appeared to wide for the body so having take the spotlight from the porsche I also decided to take the wheels from it and fit then on the Ferrari.

The Carabo came with only one tyre and the repo sports tyre I had aeemed to be a little bit to big and rubbed on the body when fitted to the rear wheels.

At least it had steering wheels and again the latter fixed type braids.

And finally the Alpine 3000 GT

Again shot tyres and a missing headlight. But more serious was the fact that this car had the earlier floating type braid system and not only not braids bit the tabs that hold the braids missing, but I did have two spare sets of the early pickup shoes so went to swop them over. That was when I found that the springs were missing and one thing I don't have is any spare springs. The Matra F1 that I had already stripped bits from has the later fixed braids and so I drilled out the rivits that hold the internal brass connectors in place and fitted the later screw fixed ones and braids.

and now have a very nice working car.

I think something got lost in the translation of the ebay add from French to English, now I wish I had paid attention during French lessons at school
. Anyway missing accessories a lot more, this is what I got compaired to what should have been in the set

16 Straights - all there
2 power connector straight - both there but no power conncetion on them
4 short straight - all there
2 chicanes - present but broken
8 R3 45 eg curves - 1 missing
4 R2 45 deg curves - all there
3 R2 60 deg curves - only got 1
4 R3 banked curves - only got 2
4 R2 banked curves - only got 3
no crash barriers
only 5 track clips out of 24
only 3 out of 8 bridge supports
and 3 out of 24 of the raisers for the supports
4 metallic supports missing
I did get the transformer and the 4 hand controllers, these are the larger compertition type as apposed to the smaller Champion type.

Kev I know that the Champion controller get very hot in use do you know if this also applies to the larger Jouef controllers??

Anyway I thing that will do for now we are now up to 2 weeks ago.

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Hi All,

pfuetze - yes the Ferrari's are nice models and this one looks miles better with the earlier wheels fitted.Still want to get one of the earlier ones with the steering and chrome wheels and in red, I think you have to have a red Ferrari.

Ok to to continue with the updates...

Ok so now I had a collection of Champion and Jouef track and set about seeing if I could replicate the Artin layout with the Champion / Jouef track. Ultimate Racer 3.0 has Jouef track built in to the track designer and I dis my first layout design before I received the Jouef set and based on the track I should have had in the 3 sets.

However when the Jouef set arrived with some of the track missing things had to change, this is the redesigned layout laid over the Artin track

and some closeups

This showed up another problem the Champion and Jouef tracks are different. If you look at this photo you can see that there is two different types of rail

The piece of track the Ferrari is on is the Champion track and has a very narrow rail similar to HO track where as the Jouef track has a much wider rail. In fact the rails are the same but it would seem that at some point Jouef turned the rails upside down. In theory this should mean the the rails are the same height but it appear that in practice the wider rail does not sit in the track so well and tends to be higher than the narrow rail. This means having a step hwere the different tracks join together and althought this may not be a problem for cars such as the Jouef and cars with a pin guide that run on thier front wheels it cill be a problem for SCX compact and D-Slot with thier normal guide flags. I also see it being a problem for any cars with strong magnets such as the Carrera Go cars. It also became apparent that some of the Jouef track had become concave over its width and the made the wider rail stick out even more. If I selected the Jouef track carefully I could find pieces that had almost no difference in track height but this was going to make track builsing a lot more difficault.

Having put the track together I applied some power and found the next problem, very little conductivity through the rails. The track was going to need a very good clean, but it will need to be a non destructive clean. Time to do some testing on some of my spear Artin track pieces. So it looks like it could be some while before I'm building a Jouef / Champion track.

Any way next to arrive was this nice little diecast to provide some treats for the little people and keep them happy

A nice Oxford Diecast Tonibell Bedford CA van, tacking me back to my childhood.

So this brings us to the end of February..... so what would March bring ??

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Hi all,
time for another small update.

Next to arrive was a double purchse from ebay with this very nice Corgi coach to transport the little people to and from the track.

Slightly under scale at 1/50th but as the original little people are 1/50th I can place some figurea around the coach so that it will look ok
And from the same seller came a collection of Champion Playcraft cars and bits

The package contained two complete cars, this very nice chrome plated BRM

and the green BRM, this has the very early motor the Kev calls the oscillating motor

Not sure this is a true discription of the motor as the gear box axle unit just rotates around as its not fixed to the to the motor.

This car runs quite well when the front tyres are removed and the body can rotate with the motor, however once the tyre are on and the body can't rotate it does not run very well.

Also in the set was this Ferrari F1 which has a broken steering unit pin

but at least it had some parts to donate to the other Ferrari F1, such as the exhaust and this is now complete

I have also been able to compete the Lotus F1 as the set contained 3 F1 windscreens, I think the are for the BRM but they fit the Lotus and with the rear wing from the Matra the Lotus is now complete.

It would also appear the the repo sports car tyre that I have are slightly over size as when fitted to the Carabo they rub on the body. However this set included a set of original sports car tyre and these fit the Carabo perfectly and are still in useable condition.

I also get two incomplete motors some wheels and hopefully more useful two E-Type floor pans which may be used for some scratch building.

It's getting late so I think that will do for now.. till next time

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Great buys Keith.
Get some Autoglym Super Resin Polish on those bodies.

Those early motors were only in production until the back end of 1964. They were very well engineered. The axle rotates around the motor pole to keep the wheels on the track at all times & give the effect of the body dipping into corners (the spring loaded pick-up shoes also helped).

With regards to the green BRM not going well. On any (1960s) Jouef car the adjustable spring loaded pick-up shoes must always be in perfect order, if not you will get running problems.

Also, have you changed the rear tyres?
Because your green BRM is an early release the rear wheels will be smaller than those on the chrome car. If you`ve put replacement tyres on they could be slipping on the hub.
Bruno sells the correct (smaller F1) tyres.

& remember , a lot of Jouef cars simply take a lot of effort getting running properly...frustrating at times-but worth it!
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