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1/43 at the 2018 UK Slot Car Festival

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It's nearly Gaydon time again, so preparations for the 1/43 hobby display are on the go.

As always at this time, I have no idea which models we will have to display apart from our own builds. So I will be anxiously waiting to see what the postman brings in the next few weeks. We have had some amazing models on show for the last 2 years and fully expect to have another fine display this year as well!

Our 2017 display:

Toy Indoor games and sports Recreation Tabletop game Flooring

Toy Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Table

We will, as always, have the hillclimb for visitors to try their skills and I am building a new farmyard rally track in a paste table to add another challenge.

Table Furniture Wood Flooring Floor

Wood Plant Flooring Table Floor

I will update this thread s and when the visiting cars start to arrive.

Regards, Lloyd.


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Great stuff Lloyd. Always look forward to your amazing displays.
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I loved looking at your superb cars and your construction methods last year at the show and I look forward to meeting you again this year.

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Track is working now, just have to scenic it up a bit!

Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Wood Rectangle

Light Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Floor

Regards, Lloyd.


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Looking good Lloyd , should be fun and challenging to drive
1/43 at the 2018 Slot Car Festival Show Report.

For this year's 1/43 display at the UK Slot Car Festival at Gaydon, Erik West and I followed a similar format to last year, but in a new location. We had 4 tables along the front wall of the HO room, just inside the door.

All Festival photos by Erik West.

Nearly ready!

Table Fashion Automotive design Desk Tablecloth

Table 1 had the mountain hillclimb, still a very popular attraction for the younger visitors, and some not so young! The challenge of driving the Carrera GO Mini Countryman rally cars up the winding road and wondering where the car would reappear gave lots of fun.

Wood Floor Flooring Automotive exterior Bumper

Table 2 was a static display of scratchbuilt 1/43 slotcars and a display of parts needed to make them. As with the previous 2 years, the centrerpieces were the visiting models.

Car Wheel Motor vehicle Tire Automotive design

Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Automotive design Automotive exterior

This year they were the beautiful work of Peter Pfister in Austria, and Philippe LeBras in France.

Peter's display consisted of many purposeful looking Loti (Lotuses?), a neat little Mini pickup, his Truck proxy racing truck and a well sorted Carrera GO Ford Focus. He also showed a good selection of 3D printed chassis from his Shapeways shop.

This photo taken before the show of Peter's cars all together. all except the red truck in the middle!

Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Toy Wheel

Philippe's contribution was a set of 3 Cucaracha 'thingies' and a Ford Mk4, all faithful replicas of 1960s 1/24 slotcars, 2 of them complete with replica boxes. There were many double takes from people seeing them for the first time!

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Hood

White Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive design

Needless to say, these groups of models attracted a lot of attention from the many visitors to the stand!

Also on the display we had a selection of resin bodyshells, wheels and tyres, motors, gears and all of the other bits and pieces that go to make a 1/43 slotcar.

Font Rectangle Art Circle Metal

Table 3 was a new, very twisty, farmyard rally track, that was built into a decorating table. Like the hillclimb, it was very popular with the chidren, but a few gave up in frustration at the many sinewy twists and turns!

Wood Yellow Rectangle Automotive design Floor

I will add a video showing all of this track soon.

Table 4 contained the 3 Carrera GO tracks built up by Erik. Again, very popular, and I soon learned to avoid or catch the occasional airbourne Ferrari or Mercedes!

Bumper Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument Automotive exterior Automotive design

The Festival organizers 'Lets go racing' competition was an excellent way of making sure that visitors found all of the halls, including those to the rear of the building, away from the main rooms. This gave us a continual flow of interested visitors for the whole 2 days.

As our whole reason for exhibiting at the Festival is to widen the public's knowledge of 1/43 slotcars and to expand interest in the scale, we were pleased to have visits from 4 magazine journalists, who all plan to have articles about 1/43 slotcars in their future issues!

As always at Gaydon, I talked myself hoarse speaking to the many visitors to the stand, and would like to thank you all for taking the time and trouble to come and show interest in this most underrated slotcar scale!

Regards, Lloyd.


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thanks for all the work you put into the show. Lloyd!

The Focus is a Heller kit on a modified SCX chassis. The lights should work as well.

Thanks for your efforts!

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"Additionally one could collect punctual impressions of 24th and 43rd scale".


This were the only words to be read in a report of the German slotcar Magazine about this year´s 43rd scale exhibition at Gaydon. In a text of a number of pages. How sad.

I saw ten photos here of this year´s display. They show that the display was

- informative

- interesting

- entertaining

- motivating

Much more than "punctual impressions" - if one was willing to take some time and have a bit more than a two seconds glance on the display.

Simply very good - for those who are interested in slotcar racing and ist development. Obviously no option for the German Slotcar Magazine.

But looking back - last year it had not been better.

But - congratulations to Lloyd and Erik for this year´s very good display ! It showed the potential of 43rd scale slotcar racing and scratchbuilding really impressively. For those who showed interest as well as all the others.

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finished the work on 2 cars for the Proxy

this will go in the stock class.

changed guide as the SCX guides did not work on my track and I heard not only on my track ...

no decision so far on the car for class 1 ....

VW Käfer in the Porsche Salzburg colors maybe?
Renault R5?




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Very nice Peter. I will be starting the entry list this evening over on the proxy thread, be sure to put these on!

Regards, Lloyd.
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