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Hi everyone, I'm new in here.

I was born in Milan, 1967, lived there for 3 years and after I moved to Ankara, Turkey, lived there up to now.

I know that my father took me to Formula 1 Monza Grand Prix in 1969, when I was a very small child. Also I had dyslexia and high degrees of astigmatism at that time. My impressions were recorded under the influence of these two phenomenons.

After the race a Polistil Dromocar 1/43 slot car set was bought from the gift shop by my father. My slot-car dream started with this set.

Coming today, I decided to re-organize my childhood memories. As a result I tried to construct the Monza Autodromo with the old and new sets that I own on a carpet base. What came out is at Youtube:

Best regards,

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QUOTE Nice sets!
I also love the static Lambo Miura and Marzal.

Very nice Kamil, great video of an interesting layout. looks like a lot of fun, well done.

regards, Lloyd

Welcome! The 1/43 crowd is small, but enthusiastic smile.gif

Great Monza grandstand !!
Nice Esadelta trucks - first time I have seen any on a slot car layout !!


Kind regards, Leo

Thank you all !

Miura is Politoys-M (includes six openings and fine details) and Marzal is Politoys Export (opening wing doors only and having less details)

I feel like I have solved something remaining from my childhood by building this layout.

These Alfa Romeo looking Esadelta's are also interesting to me. I might have seen them in Monza together with Fiat trucks.

Kind regards


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QUOTE Very nice Kamil.
I hope you get many years of pleasure out of your track.

Thank you Kev,

I think I'm prepared for this

Best wishes

QUOTE Was that "animation" or a "remote control" car you parked?

Well done, either way!


Well, it was animation of the Monza race, from 1969 to today, a summary of my life under the influence of that race. The r/c car is the part of the show so I could not separate it from the race.

I think, the safety car has more freedom to be in everywhere while the racers are limited to strict rules. On the other hand, the racers (slot cars) are the real actors of the show.

Thank you !
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