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Not our usual scale I know but....

I have a large collection of 1:43 Artin track at home since I live in a Victorian worker's cottage and it isn't exactly big enough for a 4 lane Carrera layout. This was a Quarzo die-cast that I got at Silverstone for about £2.50, the chassis was from an Artin car (currently available in a battery-powered oval with two Nissan 350z for £9.99 from Index - so you could put two together for about £15 and have a little scale oval to test them on). The Artin chassis is wheelbase adjustable (three settings) so I re-used the front axle and wheels from the diecast, ripped the magnet out (all my 43rd are magnetless) and use two little blocks of balsa glued to the chassis to mate up to a sort of "ledge" inside the metal shell.

I did this tonight while waiting for my tea to cook. Time taken; probably 4 or 5 minutes tops! It took longer to find the superglue!

As for running it's obviously not as fast as a plastic car but it's smooth, shows no signs of tramping or axle bounce, slide-y and highly entertaining on a small, twisty track. Irritatingly I know I have a sister diecast of another livery somewhere in the house but can't find it now, hope I haven't chucked it out at some point!



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