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1/43rd Lexan Group C / IMSA GTP bodies

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I'm keen to scratchbuild a 1/43rd scale car. Does anyone make good quality vacuum-formed Lexan Group C or IMSA GTP bodies?

Kind regards,

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Ranch Design in the states sells a Jaguar XJR9
in lexan. Is that what you might be looking for?

Are you going to join us in the ISP43 ?
( International Scratchbuild Proxy race for 1/43 scale cars? )

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Gee whizz! I wish I could get a Brass and Wire scratchbuilt chassis as light as that, Peter. My first weights in at 47 grs and the second at 10 grams higher
( but it has a bigger motor. Tee Hee! ) It's got to be the Brass parts!
The 1/43 scale does have that "Toy for Kids" reputation for sure. You can look at that as the glass half empty or half full!
There is no doubt that pulling the scale into a more serious venue can be difficult but will provide challenges for those of us who want a clean slate to draw on.
I do have a pretty good Vac-former and do resin casted bodies from diecasts. Now I am making my own chassis. What more can a guy ask for when playing in a hobby?
The rules for racing are wide open and many of the innovations from other scales transforming over well to this one
In a very real way I feel like a pioneer on the edge of great discoveries. Not bad for a home based hobby.

As with a lot of "new" things most of what we see are the ideas of those pioneers, most with limited resources, doing what they do because they love it, not as a business.
I believe as we gather together and show our desires, that those with bigger resources will take notice and produce products that we can be proud to show our friends, yet that will change the vision to what they offer to us, not what we envision.
"nuff philosophy!
See you at the races
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There seems to a lot of like minded people here in the 1/43 forum.

Russel. Are there any specific cars you are looking for? and are they available in Diecast? I may take a stab at vacforming some bodies for thoses who may be interested.

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