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1/43rd Lexan Group C / IMSA GTP bodies

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I'm keen to scratchbuild a 1/43rd scale car. Does anyone make good quality vacuum-formed Lexan Group C or IMSA GTP bodies?

Kind regards,

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Hello Russell, as you have noticed, there are not many decent quality 1/43 vacform bodies available. Most of us who build use resins but, with the number of diecasts of most cars available at a reasonable price, would it be an idea to ask someone who vacforms in other scales to turn a few out for you?

Would definitely like to see you join the proxy sometime.

Regards, Lloyd
There have been some interesting and valid comments here, and I agree with Roland that there should be a new thread specifically to discuss scratchbuilding in 1/43 scale. I will start that thread soon with the aim of it becoming the place to discuss ideas and show examples of work in the scale.

Roland, dont write off the Radioshack motor, it can be fitted as a sidewinder in not so wide cars. I am working on a Porsche 904 chassis that I hope to show soon.

So now to the new thread, I hope you will all contribute ideas and how to's and help to get it up and running.

Regards, Lloyd
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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