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1/43rd Lexan Group C / IMSA GTP bodies

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I'm keen to scratchbuild a 1/43rd scale car. Does anyone make good quality vacuum-formed Lexan Group C or IMSA GTP bodies?

Kind regards,

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Yes, Russell with the ease that Vac's can be pulled off a preexisting 1/43 models, most people in 1/43 don't bother going out of their way to do them. It's a rather different mind set then 1/32 where there is not an abundance of appropriately sized donors. I personally dislike the blobbyness of Vac forms so I avoid them. Because of the compact size it can be a challenge to get good undercuts on a 1/43. If that body style is your interest, I would suggest you might look at the Heller Group C 1/43 model kits. they are easily sourced and easily converted and you are left with a car that has Fly like details!

Yes, variety has been a sticking point for many people when considering 1/43, but it really does not need to be. As Lloyd says, just about any car you desire is available in 1/43 in one form or another, so if you want one, a minimal amount of resorcefulness WILL yield the car you desire. In addition to resin cast ther are 50 or more static model kits available, from makers such as AMT, Heller, Monogram, Academy and Bandai to name a few. There is a fairly comprehensive list that I have complied in the 1/43 scale area of Home Racing World (pinned near the top) many of these are technically out of production, but they are esy to find and I would encourage you to try one! Very soon Kyosho will be filling the hoppers with first quality 1/43 RTR's including Group C cars.

After that I think many of the percieved barriers to building or running 1/43 will be all but eliminated.
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QUOTE (Schackel @ 29 Mar 2012, 01:04) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I fully agree with Russell. And I don´t understand the euphoria for KYOSHO.


Well, it's a wicked circle really people don't want to try 1/43 because there is little variety, but because there historically have not been enough people willing to give 1/43 a go we don't get any variety!

It might be hard for someone from 1/32 to understand the euphoria over Kyosho, in 1/32 you are spoiled for choices, but it was not that long ago that you were lucky to find certain models in 1/32. A good analogy would be that what Kyosho has just done with 1/43 is what Fly did to 1/32 when they first appeard 15 or more years ago. The Kyosho represents the first attempt by ANYBODY to make a commercially available 1/43 slot car aimed at enthusiasts and not 9 year olds! it's significant because they just released 12!! Yes 12!!! 1/43 slot cars at one crack. cars with motor pods, tunable suspension chassis, wheels that are straight & round, rotating guides, the list goes on. In short features that no 1/43 car had before and that some 1/32 cars STILL don't have. aditionally they are slated to releae another batch before the end of the year. people say that 1/43 won't be taken seriously until it loses it's toyishness and we ge some variety! Well, Kyosho has launched a fairly substantial bid to eliminate both of those arguments fairly quickly. I really liked he SCX Compact 1/43 cars, but Kyosho will equal the last 5 years of Compact car production by SCX in just one year! That is significant!

I encourage everyone who is skeptical to try one!

A shot of some of the Heller kits that are available
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QUOTE (Schackel @ 29 Mar 2012, 21:21) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>The actual International scratchbuild proxy [ISP43] is a very valuable and important step in this direction.


Agreed, but what many may not realize is that this is not the first, It is (I believe) the second. the last one was almost 2 years ago and had apporx. 30 cars entered from North America as well as Europe and really exhibited a great variety of idea's and building methods.

There is a Hardcore group of us trying to lift 1/43 to the point of being taken seriously, but it takes participation. That's why I encourage people to try it!
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Well said Ted

And you are correct Although It can sometimes feel like you are pushing uphill all the time; it ceratinly is gratifying to know that you are working at the sharp end of something and breaking new ground is fullfilling in it's own way.

I was just thinking about this, this morning and the old saying "the longest journey begins with but a single step"! To those people who say "well, I am too heavily invested in 1/32 or HO or whatever to change now" I say O.K. fine, but these cars are pretty much compatible (New Kyosho's) with all current analog Track systems from Artin 1/43 up. no real reason to "Change" AND they cost about the same as a Scalextric DPR car (or less) It would be rather painless to go and buy one even just for laughs. I prefer to think of them as an additional thing rather then something taking the place of something else.

Maybe just a buy a couple every months or so and really before you know it you have a nice selection, no need to throw out 1/32! At some point you may want to decide to go exclusively one way or the other, but it's really not quite the dilemma some people might lead you to believe it is nor should there be any urgency to the decision.
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