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Not a slot racing curcuit, but I'd like to share it with you all the same. I built it just for static hotwheels cars, I think it makes quite an impression.

I painted the track with blackboard paint, then added markings and borders with chalk. This looks good in some areas because where the chalk dust has blown away, the base shows through giving the boarder an effect of extra rumble strip where the grass/mud still pokes through.

I applied the grass by covering the area in a watered-down pva solution, then shaking on scatter with an old icing sugar dispenser.

I made nets of the buildings myself in MS Publisher, and printed them on 280gm card to make sure they were sturdy enough. Most of them are modelled on the old style of scalextric buildings, as I really like them and also are quite easy to make nets of.

I used the same method for the starting straight barriers, but made armco walls by taping three drinking straws together, then spraying them silver using RC body paint.

Sorry the images are randomly sized, I hope they aren't too large.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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