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1 centimeter sidewinder gear

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Hello........I am in the planing phase of making 1/43 sidewinder chassis for some of my slot cars. I would like to have full interiors just like there 1/32 big brothers. The only way of doing this is going to be with sidewinder motors.

Yes Ranch makes a sidewinder kit, but I want to make my own chassis.

I had found a site some time ago, but of course now that I am ready for the gears I can't find the site. Not interested in having the gears casted or machined. Want to find a site that has the gears in stock ready to ship. Would also preferr the gears to be made from aluminum or brass, but would except the gears if made out of nylon or some similar material.

So I need a (spur?) gear 1 centimeter in diameter (up to 12 millimeters) with a center hole diameter of 3 millimeters.

I will continue looking but I would love some help.

Thanks for looking: Joel
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Hello.......Okay I found a site. May help you Marc. Found another site too. Forgot to save it. When I find it again I will post a link. They had spur gears with a lock screw.

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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