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· Russell Sheldon
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"Yes and interesting too in that HarrisonTX seems to be the latest member as we hit 1000, yet he is actually Member Number 1230!"

You are going to have to explain that, Tropi...

It's great to see how SlotForum has grown in membership in such a short space of time. What a great resource it is, with so many knowledgeable members, not to mention that keyboard racing adds a whole new dimension to the hobby!

We have some way to go yet.... The Spanish forum, Slot Adictos, has 8.037 members, with the most members online at one time being 934!

Kind regards


· DT
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The difference between 1230 and 1000 is the number of people who subscribed to be members and those who have been validated as members.

Our forum software sends out a validation email to members as they register. Sometimes people don't get this email as their ISP either blocks/blacklists our ISP or filters the email as spam. Unfortunately this is a consequence of all the junk email that is getting sent these days.

I re-send the validation email to these members a few times over the period of a month. Sometimes they reply and all works out fine, but sometimes they are not heard from again and are lost. Thus the 230 difference.

This validation procedure prevents spam-bots from spamming the forum in a way similar to what we see on other forums.

· Registered
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I think I'm guilty of one of those extra numbers, since I tried to register around September/October last year to start of with, but it somehow didn't work out (recieved no confirmation, and then my loginname was taken or something). I blame the e-mail spam filter
. But I finally joined again in December, and I think most who struggle to register come back anyway. Too good a site not to join


· Jim Moyes
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Thanks for the explanation, Nuro! People seemed to be registering and being given several numbers. The latest is 1000 and 1001

What happened to the guy from Sarfempton-my-babe who had a lot of the letters on his keyboard missing? He appears to now be de-registered!

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