In the process of converting to six lanes and won't be using Carrera. Track is in perfect condition. Does not including any Control Units rather all "plain Jane" track pieces. Also included the related track clips along with 75 or so multilane track clips (used to align adjoining pieces). It's all or nothing as if I piecemeal the track I'll sell it on eBay. I'd much prefer to sell it here and I believe the pricing is very competitive. Free shipping to the 48-states. Here's a breakdown of the includes pieces...

Roughly 120 feet
56 - Straights (includes two not used in the layout)
2 - 1/3 straights (not used in layout)
2 - 1/4 straights (not used in layout)
7 - R1 Curves
24 - R2 Curves
16 - R3 Curves
12 - R4 Curves

Priced at CarreaSlots the total is $1,054.73 (cheapest around I believe - doesn't include shipping). I understand there might be pieces you don't need. Also understand that two of curve pieces aren't even in stock for purchases as of now. Asking $800 again with free shipping.

Note: The sale only includes the track shown. None of the other accessories such as controllers, cars, bridge, etc are included. Track Only.

If you are wanting to run 2 lane analog I'll include the terminal block, controller "stations" and related wiring. With an additional terminal block should you want to wire four lanes.