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Quotes from the developers:

12 Volt is a fast-paced action-racing game designed for current console and PC platforms. The game takes place on tracks similar to real life slot car tracks, which are located in- and outside a typical american house.

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The cars can move freely on the track, they are not bound to a specific lane or slot like conventional slot cars are! This way the game combines the look of a die-cast-racer with the feeling of a full-physics arcade rally game!

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Highly realistic physics enable the player to activate toys and tools that work as weapons against other players. Imagine plunging through a heap full of marbles crashing at you in a world that really looks and feels like a childhood dream-come-true. Special magnetic rails even allow you to hook on to the inner side of hairpins and drive through them at full speed!

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12 Volt is the game that finally lets you drive with "real" cars on the coolest slot tracks you had ever hoped for! And, best of all, your Mom won't be able to say a single word when you wreck your miniature steamtrain with your Monster Truck!

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It is interesting to see the convergence.

The real slot tracks are going multi-lane and are being connected to the internet for arcade style gaming and certain games are coming back the other war introducing the structure of a 'slot' track to give a certain perspective and dimension to the racing. There was groove racer and now this (and I don't even follow these things - perhaps there are more).
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