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Thanks to Syds hard work we'll be able to run the new club Nascars for the first time, Everyone seemed to enjoy the little testing we had with them after last nights racing so hopefully they'll give us some good close racing over the coming months.

Most people seemed happy to do Nascar and Slot-IT this week so roll on Friday.

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Results from last nights first Nascar race and Slot-ITs last race night.


After many scrapes crashes and the odd tantrum Gary kept a cool head to take the win.

1st Gary 133.63
2nd Kevin 129.35
3rd Rob 129.29
4th Nick 127.12
5th Martin 124.94
6th Simon 119.73
7th Ashley 118.83
8th Mike 118.37
9th Riko 118.22
10th Mick 112.09
11th Dave 111.09
12th Syd 109.03

All in all a great first night, a couple of car failures cost a few people the odd lap or two here and there but overall pretty reliable and great fun.


1st Gary 142.57
2nd Kevin 132.97
3rd Nick 131.91
4th Riko 131.23
5th Rob 126.66
6th Martin 121.52
7th Syd 122.53
8th Mike 115.97
9th Simon 99.84
10th Ashley 78.94
11th Dave 70.88
12th Mick 31.83

So after 69 rounds over the last 5 season the curtain falls on the Slot-IT class but hopefully some cars will still be seen in open GT.
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