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We have just hit the 15,000 Members mark!

SlotForum has been around since September 2003 and has been growing ever since then.

For info, we have around 121,500 Visits from over 42,500 Unique Visitors from 146 countries looking at 754,000 Pages on our site per year. This has been constantly growing and still grows.

Many thanks to all our members, without you the forum wouldn't be what it is - a truly wonderful place to come and chat about and share our passion for slot cars of all scales and types. Without doubt, the forum has helped the hobby grow and has added an online and social dimension to the hobby.

We have 19 site-wide moderators and 80 club moderators.

For the last few years we have been manually validating new members due to increased spammers and spam bots flooding the boards with junk. The credit goes to those mods who take the time validating new members and helping to keep the area spam free, namely Mr.M and zipp. Thanks to our regular mods who do loads of work behind the scenes sorting out trouble and trying to make everyone as happy as possible. Thanks to all the club mods for looking after your areas. Clubs keep the hobby alive, introducing racing to new generations and we will support any club as much as we can.

Thanks to our advertisers, without you we couldn't run our servers and services. Thanks also to our Plus+ members for helping to support the forum.

For a little more info on SlotForum, see our About page (rules, help, search, links, etc.).
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