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· Phil Smith
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Sunday the 20th November will see the 16th London International Slotcar Show at the Crofton Halls Orpington in South East London.
All tables were sold, but due to a late cancellation, I now have two 6' tables available if any one is interested in one (or two!)

Opening time is 10.00am and it will close at 2.30pm, admission is £2.50 with under 12's free,
there is plenty of parking in the station car park which is opposite the hall. (there's a short cut through to the halls if you can find it!)

All the big UK dealers will be there
Derek Cooper
RSSlotracing (Ortmann Tyres)
BTS Mouldings
GTurner Models
Circuits to Scale

Full list of table holders:-

adrian lee
adrian norman
alan tadd
alec edge
bob bott
bts mouldings
chris gregory
david lord, circuits to scale
derek cooper
fred bolton
geoff spencer
george turner, gturner models
joel thura
lawrence attrill, tarn model foundry
malcolm duff
mark scale, scalemodels
martin hey
mike flight
mike williams
model racing world
paul blows
pete day
phil smith,
richard d'cruze, the slot outlet
robert campling
robert learmouth
roger barker
ron webbon
rs slotracing
simon price
stephen langford
steve cannon, aka triplex
steve de havilland
vincent delaine

More details can be found at
If you can't make this one then the next will be on the 15th April 2012

· Phil Smith
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No charges for parking either at the Crofton Halls, on the street, at the Station car Park or if all these are full, at the Tesco car park just a short walk away.

We regularly get over 200 people through the door.

· Phil Smith
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Tables are once again sold out, in fact over sold, as I have had to lose one of my own.
A record number of table holders are attending, 39 in all, so let's hope the public come through the doors to support them.

Addtions to the above list of sellers are:

robert cast
mark gussin
tony stacey, HO racing ahead
truespeed controllers
chris holt

Looking forward to Sunday week

· Phil Smith
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Unfortunately Steve De Havilland (Traffic) has had to make a last minute cancellation, but he will be back next time.
Good news is that Jennings Models from North London will be using his table and amongst other stuff will have some interesting 'new old stock' for sale dating back to the seventies , please form an orderly queue!

Truespeed will also be showing their new Controller Handle as shown in this feature

· Phil Smith
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As Ade's PM was relevant I though I would copy and answer it here

QUOTE Im going to the orpington swap meet at weekend and want to meet some of the stall holders do they have a stall allocated
to one place if so is it possible to have a plan of hall and stall holders

I have been doing a table plan that is handed to the public as they come through the door, this has a plan for the hall with all the table holders named.
I have not been sure if this has been useful or not, I have had a lot of the leaflets left over so a lot of people have not been taking them, due to this I was thinking of not doing them this time, so the question is
" are they useful to you?"
I could more easily post a plan here for people to print off if they thought they needed it?

· Phil Smith
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Here is the table plan for Sunday
Please be aware that this may be subject to some changes as there are often last minute cancellations etc and a certain amount of shuffling around may be needed.

if you want to print this off then go here

· Phil Smith
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There were a couple of messages on my answer phone today from people wanting tables.

One from Chris Galton
If you are reading this Chris (or anyone knows how to get in touch with Chris) then sorry the tel. number you gave does not exist, please could you get back in touch, I did not get your emails so through a PM on here might be best. There is a table for you (I'll lose one of mine)

and one from someone who left neither there name nor phone number but apparently wants a table and will be going!!

· Phil Smith
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QUOTE Chairs are available for the Traders

and for the public too, there is a lounge area with comfortable seating where you can enjoy a bacon sarnie and a cup of tea while looking at your latest purchases, all very civilised.

But Alan, your there to work why would you need a seat, you'll sell nothing sitting down!

· Phil Smith
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Another successful meeting done and thanks to everyone who attended tableholders and the public.
Numbers were back to normal after April's blip with 200 through the door.
Tables were totally sold out.

Next one is April 15th 2012, see you there
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