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180 foot 4 lane

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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie here. My name is Guy. I'm a 43 yr old father of 2
boys. Started racing slot cars for fun 32 years ago. This is my track.

Revell Raceway is a 180 foot long 4 lane racetrack. It is powered by a 30 amp
0-15 volt (variable) Zurich DS304M power supply. Overall dimensions are 34 feet
long and 8 feet wide, though it's 4 feet wide in most places. The track has one 24
foot, and one 25 foot straight-a-way. Greg Braun's LapTimer 2000 software and a
166MHz Gateway Pentium I computer handle the timing chores.
The numbers are clear and easy to read from a distance. There is just under
650 feet of 16 guage wire in the track.

Each piece of track is nearly 40 years old - made between 1964 and 1966. The back
straight has an adjustable jump, and the banked turns are set at about 48 degrees.
There are numerous off-camber turns - both uphill and downhill. I had the track at 202
feet a few months ago but it was just a little too much. This layout takes up 168 square
feet of space in my 20' x 40' garage. Still missing some of the aprons to run the 1/24's
but I have most of them.

Track record (so far) is 13.290 seconds by a Pro-Track lexan bodied Ferrari 512S.
It has a Pro-Track Spider chassis, carbon fiber axles, ball bearing bushings, a
29,000 rpm Slot-it motor, and a 1/24th scale Parma "The Blade" guide.

Rock and Roll

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Thanks Graham................ how have you been?

What's up w/ SCI ???


'Been racing much? Has your track changed or grown?

It's that time of year.


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Hey Tropi........

WWwwwhhhhhhaaaaaatttttttssssss up?

How you doing? What do you think about SCI ?

Remember this?


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