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1934 MGk3 magnette

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Hi Guys
Here is a little sports car I have just finished for an american client
It is a 1934 mg k3 magnette based on the very succesful 1933 k3 that won its class in the Mille Miglia and also the Tourist trophy.

The main visual difference is that the 1934 car had a boat tail which to my mind makes it a more attractive motor

The driver is supposed to be captain george etsron who actually drove the class winning mille miglia car


Cheers tony
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Hi Guys
As aresult of being asked by one or two of you about the chassis below is a picture of the underside

It really isn,t too remarkable ,it has a little brass axle bracket (not sure whose) to which the motor is attached this is then connected via an 18swg brassplate to the front axle by a couple of 16 SWG brass rails
the brass plate is only soldered to the rails at the front for about 15mm
this allows the frame to be quite flexy which is fine with the relatively low powered motor in the car
the guide is a slot it which had to be cut down in order to get under the front dumb iron apron
The front axle is a 16 swg piano wire cow horn type that i always think looks better on these prewar cars with beam axles
hope that is some help to you

cheers tony
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Hi Danny
The shell on mine is one i moulded my self
it started life as a 1933 mgk3 airfix model ,but a friend of mine in the statesDan wilson) moulded a 1934 boat tail for the kit
All i did was fit the boat tail to the airfix kit and remould it
although the 34 wasn,t as successful it was certainly better looking and I think it became the standard for road going k3 in the mid 30s
It was also quite quick
My son used to work at a garage where they serviced one and i remember the chief mechanic telling me how quick it was
some what dubious of this a did a little research and found that it generated 120 bhp and weighed around 10 CWt
giving it a power to weight of around 250 bhp/ton
additionally he told me he used the preselector box as a sequential change
IE you in 4th approaching a roundabout so you select 2nd and at the right time punch the clutch twice and it inatantly gets 2nd gear and just power round the roundabout Brilliant !

cheers tony

PS if you want a shell PM me
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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