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1938 marx set

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hi,most people dont know that marx made 2 different electric race sets in 1937 & 1938.the 1937 set is more common where 2 cars race each other.but the 1938 set is very very rare.i beleive this may be the only one around. this set contains a race car & a streamline train consisting of a locomotive & 5 cars.they ran on a figure 8 track.the train didnt run on a train track but on the same roadway as the race car. everything is made of tin. marx made 4 different race cars & ive put them here for you to see.then i added a photo of 1 of the marx cars next to the tippco alder & truck for comparison since they were made in the same years.they are somewhat alike,but not the same.thanks,bernard
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hi ive had this set + 2 1937 sets for several years.i bought this set from a major marx tinplate collector around 13-14 yeas ago.he said it was the only one he had ever seen.thanks,bernard
thanks,i enjoy sharing this with you.theres more to a few weeks i will be showing a scalextric set no one has ever seen hints,but it is very exciting.thanks,bernard
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