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1948 Italian conti car

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Hi,i just got in this Italian made Conti car from 1948. it came from a set called Autopista. it came in 4 colors red being the most common. the body is made of zinc .i did include a photo of it with a 1937 Tippco Alder to show its size.i believe its 1/43rd scale. the car was loosely based on the Lancia Aprilia but was a fantasy model. the set was on a board with 2 street lights & a park bench in the middle, an oval roadway went around it. there was a roof over the entire set. the cars received current from the roadway & an antenna coming out of the right front of the car & going up to the roof. you can see that there is a lever which activates the steering when 1 car bumps into anther. just like the french LRcars from the late 1930s. the set was very expensive,few were sold & was produced for only 1 this car or set were seldom seen to say the least.
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hi Don,i dont have the set.i dont know if the set came with 2 ,3, or 4 cars.
i have more to post in the next hour.thanks,Bernard
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