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1949 Ford Tudor

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This was the first slot car I ever built back in July of 2018. It was the prototype for everything that got built after. My first paint job too. A scary thought now.

Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive tire

This was the only chassis to get manufactured on a vertical mill. I couldn't take the mill home. I had to come up with a better solution to achieve the same goal.

Automotive tire Table Automotive exterior Wood Bumper

The mill was only used to drill and ream the holes. Talk about over kill. But the digital read out was convenient.

Wood Rectangle Aluminium Hardwood Plywood

The sides have been cut away. Please excuse the rough edges and unfinished look. I left the side plates long around the motor so I could figure out a way to screw the motor in place.

Tool Nickel Rectangle Composite material Household hardware

Test assembly.

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Toy Motor vehicle

Screwing the motor in seemed like a good idea. Right up until I saw the 5-minute epoxy. That should at least get me through this prototype.

Sports equipment Automotive tire Skateboard Gas Wheel

Test fitting the body to the chassis.

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Driver added. Fred Steinbroner, car number 18. 1950 Carrera Panamericana.

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel Automotive design

Car Land vehicle Vehicle Wheel Automotive design

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design Toy

Vehicle Wheel Car Kit car Tire

Vehicle Wheel Hood Car Toy

Vehicle Car Hood Motor vehicle Wheel

The car flipped over and off the track like mad the first 2-races. I added urethane washers between the body and chassis and started winning races. It later came back to me from another club that the car earned the nickname Lightning in the bottle. I never saw that coming or planned for it. I got lucky. It started the ball rolling for aluminum chassis.

Custom aluminum chassis. Sloting Plus roller bearings. BWA wheels (sadly no longer available. See RS Slots). DArt tires and inserts. BWMS050 motor with 10x23 gears. Professor Motor axles and wire. Slot It guide and braid.

Thank you very kindly for looking.

Automotive exterior Toy Auto part Metal Toy vehicle


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Nice. What did you use for the hub caps?
Thank you very kindly, Top Down.

D'Art Hobbies moonshine hubcap inserts. They were painted with a Molotow chrome pen.
I didn't find that colour for the Tudor I did for the Bordo Mille Miglia/Carrera event, in was it 2014?; I found one in black with white decals, having a horror of white decals I reversed the colour and did black letters on ivory, it looked the part. I sold the body to Julien Touya and I haven't seen it since. it was a nice piece of research to do.
I might as well post my second Tudor. No point in doubling the thread. Slight change of colour for this one.

Vehicle Car Hood Automotive parking light Automotive lighting

Wheel Automotive lighting Hood Tire Car

Wheel Tire Vehicle Toy Motor vehicle

I made an interior template for the last car. It came in handy for this build. I try to plan ahead.

Rectangle Handwriting Font Wood Paper product

Rectangle Table Gesture Grey Wood

Automotive design Rectangle Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

Wheel Car Vehicle Window Tire

I cut the front bumper in half and removed about 4mm from the center. It was so oversized that it looked like big fishing hooks on either side of the car. I omitted the front bumper on the blue Tudor for that very reason. I took more time with this car.

Vehicle Motor vehicle Hood Car Automotive design

I could not leave the rear bumper alone after doing the front. So I removed 3mm from the center of the rear bumper.

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hardtop Classic car

Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Motor vehicle

Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design

Custom aluminum chassis. Sloting Plus roller bearings. BWA wheels (Sadly no longer available. See RS Slots). DArt Hobbies tires and inserts. BWNC1 motor with 10x24 gears. Professor Motor axles and wire. Slot It guide and braid.

Thanks again for looking.

Vehicle Car Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting


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Great idea to narrow the bumpers,maybe another in the future.
Thanks Gerald. They do look like big fishing hooks in stock form yes?
Any more ideas for a Mexicana car? I have decals for Tupman Lincoln,what was
Hi Gerald. Thank you very kindly for your curiosity.

From what I can see. The Tupman Lincoln had a lot of sponsership. I chose to build liveries that were not so popular. I can't find a 50's Lincoln Capri slot car body or I might make that very car.

This is what's I'm building for the next Carrera.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle


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One of these days, I should really learn how to master the English language... "What's I'm building"?

Spel chek iz ovur raited.
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