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Many thanks to all those who contributed suggestions when I begun creating these cars, almost a year ago on an earlier thread.

Special thanks to Dave Sykes, who came through for me with both the Connaught and the Cooper Bristol. Since then I've made my own OSCA, Alta and G-type E.R.A. 35 cars in the series now.

The Maserati proved to be difficult. In the end I cast some 4.CLT shells and tried to modify them. Reasonably successful and for want of anything better, I settled for them. Eventually, I decided to get one of the shells mentioned in the previous thread, from Patto. It arrived today but sadly it turned out to be the sports A.6. So I'll carry on with my modified 4.CLTs.

The 1953 A.6.GCMs were very different. Much more like a 250.F. I could kick myself because a few years ago I had six or seven 1954 250.Fs which were beautiful fibreglass ones made by John Bacon. Sadly there were all sold. Silly me.

An early 250.F with a heavily modified front end could pass as an A.6, if you turn the light off and squint. So, does anyone out there have an early 250.F shell that I can play about with, please?
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