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Hi Guys
1955 was a momentous year for motorsport
stirling moss became the first englishman to win the british Gp
Tony brooks won the syracuse GP,being the first englishman in an english car to win a contineemtla GP since 1924 and
Mike hawthorn and Ivor bueb won an extremely controversial victory for jaguar at le mans
however for the life of me i dont understand why there seems to be an obsession to recreate the F1 grid for this season ]
I know of at leat 2 Sf members who seem to want to do this
One of the disadvantages of this is that nor all the body shells are available
2 which aren,t are the ferrari 625 and the 1955 vanwall
One of the reasons that the ferrari isn,t available is that popular knowledge would tall you that it is just a ferrari 500 with a 2,5 litre engine
however ,although ferraris weapon of choice for these seasons was the super squalo the 625 wouldn,t lie down and scored 2 victories to the squalos 1
it didn,t do this without being modified and by the 1955 british gp it looked quite different
The nose was lower and flatter ,the exhaust changed from right to left and ran lower ,all the vents on the low sides of the body had disappeared and the rear radius rods had acquired streamlined covers
so when holger thor nielson(circuitlaps ) asked me to provide one for him I found the old ferrari 500 mould and modified it to resemble hawthorns british gp 625
the results can be seen below

just needs a little tidying up and then it,ll be ready for the rubber ,and then I shall be carving harry schells vanwall

cheers tony
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