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1958 Scalextric catalog

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Hi,heres a 1958 Scalextric catalog. I believe it to be their first. I also found a Scalextric Bulletin #4 autumn 1958 here in the museum. Hope you enjoy these not very often seen articles. Thanks,Bernard
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Hi, i will try tonight when i get home from work. Thanks for your interest,Bernard
As requested. Ive also included a photo of some of the manufacturers cars from around 1958-59 same time as this catalog & news letter so you can see the 3 Scalextric cars among their competition. For fun,can you identify who made these other cars ? Thanks,Bernard Sampson
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Hi Rob,you are right about the VIP cars.
The green # 7 is by Welkut. The Alfa Romeo in the back is actually a handbuilt wood bodied rail car,not built by a company. (I just had to slip 1 hand made rail car in the group.)
What about the rest ? Thanks,Bernard
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Hi,you are right. Your reward is pass the history class.
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