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1958 Scalextric catalog

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Hi,heres a 1958 Scalextric catalog. I believe it to be their first. I also found a Scalextric Bulletin #4 autumn 1958 here in the museum. Hope you enjoy these not very often seen articles. Thanks,Bernard
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Many thanks for the early Scalextric documents, Bernard.
In your photo, the green Austin-Healey and red MGA, on the top left, and the red A40 and blue frogeye Sprite in front of them may be VIPs.
The green #7 in the lower right looks rather like a Crescent diecast BRM V16 that I used to have (and hope I still have somewhere). People did motorise 1/43 diecasts, and at least one SlotForum member, Tom W, still does that, but if your cars are all proprietary slotcars, Bernard, it's presumably something else.
I'll be interested to hear what the Alfa 158/159 is. The only one I recall from that period was a vac shell by MRRC.
Rob J
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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