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1962 ferrari breadvan

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Hi Guys
This is something I have been fiddling with some time
Inspired by zagatos great efforts with his aston martin s and decided to have a go at this to see if I could raise the quality of my shells to somewhere near grahams
I,ve done enough now to show you a picture and If I get a enough encouragement I may even get the motivation to finish it
I appreciate that its not everyones taste, a bit like marmite, but I think its brutal styling would leave no one unmoved one way or the other .You certainly cant ignore it ,and I just love it
Lighter and faster than the all time classic ferrari 250GTO never had the success it deserved cos it was run by the underfunded scuderia venezia

cheers tony
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Hi Phil
I did have one of dereks breadvans but when I measured it was far too long and the wing shape looked all wrong to me
I also have one of those bugattis ,and i am sure derek would tell you if you asked ,but I think it is a type 57 S atlante coupe
not quite sure what to do with mine

Cheers tony
Hi Corsair
Thanks for straightening that out ,I actually knew it was serenissima ,but I must have had a bit of brain fade when i posted the thread and got my scuderias mixed up
You are quite right it didn,t get the success the bold design deserved
Great looking car though

Cheers tony
Hi Dave
Nice piccys ,the one of the bonnet and carb detail will be useful

Cheers tony
hi john
well thats pi^s$ed on my strawberries then ,about 20 hours work gone down the drain

Cheers tony
Phew !
thanks for that I,ll get me scalpel out again

cheers tony
I have done a little more to the buck but it is still work in progress

Cheers tony
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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