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1964 Article.

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Sorry to jump into your sub forum.
But I was reading some old Model Roads & Racing magazines & came across this article, from the August 1964 edition.
I found it really interesting & I thought I`d post it here, just on the off chance that some of your members hadn`t seen it.

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Thanks for posting that Kev. I certainly havent seen it before. I see it was written by Tom Pinnock. He was the leader of the slot car section and responsible for the change from rail racing to slots back in about 1961/2 if I remember correctly. Tony Condon(superhornets) can fill in more details when he sees this thread, cheers steve
You`re welcome Steve.
It was interesting to see that your clubs model road racing history goes back to 1954! That`s got to be some kind of record?
Hi Guys
Thanks for posting that ,I am surprised that you havn,t seen it already steve as I am pretty sure John S had some copies of this back in the 90s ,one of which he gave me.
Loose ,the club history goes back to just after WW2 and the model car section mentioned in this article was for diesel rail racing
after some members had experimented with their own tracks ,a section was set up in 1961 led by tom pinnock who was also legal advisor to the fledgling ECRA organisation (He was actually a solicitor )
The club started with a shorter variation of the track shown which was initially set up a at a show .possibly schoolboys exhibition or model engineers and after a succesful stint there was set up in the clubs HQ in the old booster house in prospect road
THe 270 deg bend on the Left hand side of the track was steeply banked making the entrance and exit very tricky with caber changes
By the time dick smith and I got there in 1964/65 the track had been extended by lengthening the straights that led to that banking making it even more tricky as the approach was faster
A lot of the slot racers there in those days had transferred to the slot car section from the OO gauge railway section so the track always had a good amount of scenery around it ,Seem to remember paling fences made out of match sticks held together with fuse wire
The track lasted until about early 1967 when we were thrown out of the booster house and moved to church farm in east barnet .I remember driving with tom pinnock to some water board premises in enfield in a large van with the cut up track in the back and it was stored in an outside cupboard
Who knows it might even still be there

Cheers tony
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Thanks for the info Tony.
Some great history at North London!
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