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1968 BRM P126

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Without wishing to monopolise the 1960s F1 theme (I would love to see some others work), here's another car currently under construction which I mentioned I was planning in another thread.

Once again it's one of the excellent Classic shells. This BRM raced during a dip in the team's fortunes after Graham Hill and Jackie Stewart left the team at the end of 1966 & 67 and the team struggled with the H16 engine before admitting defeat and switching to the V12 for 1968 that would eventually have some success in the 153 and 160 chassis in the early 1970s.

BRM's were always very well engineered and this car looked superbly packaged as well as being a good looking design, it was always one of my favourites. I always remember a high spot being Richard Attwood's great race at Monaco in 68 when he came close to winning.

The standard Scalex motor that I prefer to use for home track use just fits this slim bodyshell - here's a couple of work in progress pictures. You'll see that I've just broken through the shell with the Dremel around the engine exhaust and intake area as space is at a premium but I'll clean that up when I prepare the shell for painting.

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Was: You could ask dDve at Mundaring Hobby centre if he happens to have any of John Bacons bodies in stock. The wait is too long for this race but he just might have some stock.They are not as good as the Classis shells but look very similar.

If you are prepared to wait I am sure that the classic bodies can be ordered still.Have a look at:

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