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1970 Brabham BT-33 F1

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Hello all!

This is the first Classic fiberglass shell I've actually taken to a near-completion stage. I had initially intended to build the 1970 Ferrari 312B, but was unhappy with my attempts at the unique wing on this car. So, I defaulted to the 1970 Brabham BT33, painted the rather unusual combination of light blue/turquoise and yellow for Brabham's last go-round as a driver in F1.

Right now, a Patto's MJK 30 chassis sits underneath the shell with a Little Ripper motor and slot-it pinion and crown gear. The guide has not been installed yet. The following items remain to be done:

1. Decals added. and another shot of clear coat
2. The wing/airfoil needs to be permanently affixed to its supports
3. Rear wing needs to be clear coated
4. Minor engine detailing remains
5. Need to add a couple of detail bits to the roll bar to match 1:1 car
6. Driver!
7. Wind screen and mirrors

Anyway, far from perfect and not up to David's and John P's (among others) standards, but already this is my favorite car in my collection. The rear wing is a perfect example of where I could've done a better job. Even with those faults, I just love the looks of it. Here are a couple of shots:

Thanks for looking
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NUMBERS:In the period, the race organizers handed out the race numbers. So they changed from race to race. Some of the clever teams realized that it made the sponsers happy to have the same number every race for identification by the fans and started convincing the race organizers to give them a single set of numbers. Eventually, the numbers were assigned by the FIA.


Years ago in Model Cars, someone did an article on "BRG" and included a chart on who supplied what to the various companies. This had to have been 30 years ago. I spent a lot of time, for my own amusement, trying to winkle chips out of the manufacturers!


To me, it is this way.....I LOVE the discussion. And if I know, I will cheerfully answer. I don't think I have EVER seen the BT33 in person. Sigh. I remember as a boy spending hours mixing a green to match the green on the BRM H-16 that was pictured as a centerspread in Road and Track. Only to get the chip and find out how much the emulsion and print that the R&T article used shifted the color!

Sometimes, as an american, I can accept that I will NEVER know about some colors. I am pretty forgiving. And then you have the constant modeler's argument about "scale effect".

The latest discussion has led me to a new concern! In the 60s and 70s I used to move heaven and earth to get Humbrol from the U.K. when it was not generally available in 'merica. Since then, Humbrol became fairly easy to get....but all the codes are DIFFERENT from what I knew then. Are the Heller codes(is this kit onethat PdL drew?) unchanged from then? Anyone know?

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