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1970 Brabham BT-33 F1

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Hello all!

This is the first Classic fiberglass shell I've actually taken to a near-completion stage. I had initially intended to build the 1970 Ferrari 312B, but was unhappy with my attempts at the unique wing on this car. So, I defaulted to the 1970 Brabham BT33, painted the rather unusual combination of light blue/turquoise and yellow for Brabham's last go-round as a driver in F1.

Right now, a Patto's MJK 30 chassis sits underneath the shell with a Little Ripper motor and slot-it pinion and crown gear. The guide has not been installed yet. The following items remain to be done:

1. Decals added. and another shot of clear coat
2. The wing/airfoil needs to be permanently affixed to its supports
3. Rear wing needs to be clear coated
4. Minor engine detailing remains
5. Need to add a couple of detail bits to the roll bar to match 1:1 car
6. Driver!
7. Wind screen and mirrors

Anyway, far from perfect and not up to David's and John P's (among others) standards, but already this is my favorite car in my collection. The rear wing is a perfect example of where I could've done a better job. Even with those faults, I just love the looks of it. Here are a couple of shots:

Thanks for looking
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Absolutely terrific Steve - it's a great feeling when you've created something like that yourself isn't it. Looks fabulous set against your circuit backscene too!

Btw, ignore Fergy's motor comment - he's just worried about competition for his strap monster!
David suggested I post this picture. It's not a BT33 of course but the Brabham colour reference might be of interest.

I snapped the car during a recent visit to Donington.

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Personally I think the colour Steve has is fine
but while we're all going Brabham colour crazy here is a link with suggested paint mixes for the 1970 car (and others):

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QUOTE For detailing, I selected the South African GP winning livery, but as with everything else on this project, I'm not sure I've matched it exactly.
... looks good to me Steve, maybe Jack's eyebrows could be a shade lighter tho'

Like David says, the car shows a lot of attention to detail - a beautiful job all round I'd say

And, I really really love those scenery shots. More please Steve. More!

P.S. Like the tip about future on the goggles - definitely going to give that a try
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QUOTE does anyone have any tips for attaching these vac-formed wind screens to these cars?
Similar to Ken - if it's a good fit I float on some diluted PVA, position the screen and leave it until it sets. If it's an ill-fitting beastie (like my home-made ones for example!) I superglue one side in place with a small drop of glue towards the rear, then the other side and, when that's all set, the front "tip" of the windscreen. A final coat of Future seems to sort out any minor gaps.

Hope that helps
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1 - 5 of 53 Posts
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