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1970 Brabham BT-33 F1

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Hello all!

This is the first Classic fiberglass shell I've actually taken to a near-completion stage. I had initially intended to build the 1970 Ferrari 312B, but was unhappy with my attempts at the unique wing on this car. So, I defaulted to the 1970 Brabham BT33, painted the rather unusual combination of light blue/turquoise and yellow for Brabham's last go-round as a driver in F1.

Right now, a Patto's MJK 30 chassis sits underneath the shell with a Little Ripper motor and slot-it pinion and crown gear. The guide has not been installed yet. The following items remain to be done:

1. Decals added. and another shot of clear coat
2. The wing/airfoil needs to be permanently affixed to its supports
3. Rear wing needs to be clear coated
4. Minor engine detailing remains
5. Need to add a couple of detail bits to the roll bar to match 1:1 car
6. Driver!
7. Wind screen and mirrors

Anyway, far from perfect and not up to David's and John P's (among others) standards, but already this is my favorite car in my collection. The rear wing is a perfect example of where I could've done a better job. Even with those faults, I just love the looks of it. Here are a couple of shots:

Thanks for looking
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Excellent work Steve and the smiling driver in your pit shot certainly looks pleased with the car!

I fully empathise with your feelings about the car, if it's your favourite - don't send it to the Proxy. If you've put such effort into the build then just enjoy driving it on your excellent home track.

Steve - In your list of work to do you mention the driver figure. Don't forget that Brabham used two types of crash helmet in 1970, the full face Bell helmet and a helicopter pilots helmet. Here at the Spanish GP he is using the military one.

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Steve - I had a look through my 1970 magazines and these are the Brabham pictures I've got. The colour reproduction in print in those days was very variable and not always accurate and sunlight on the car affects the shade but on the whole you seem to have got the paint colour right. When I saw him race at the 1970 British Grand Prix it was a little more green than blue/turqouise but cars did change so much in those days - just look at the range of crash helmets Jack is wearing in the various pictures and the variety of engine covers. I hope these help with decal placement etc. If I was building the car I would go for the South African car as it was his last GP win, but it's your car not mine!!

South Africa - Last GP win.

Brands Hatch Race of Champions. Non Championship race.

Monaco - Looking very green! Good picture for helmet detailing. Scene of Jacks last corner crash.

Dutch GP at Zandvoort

Mexico - Jacks last GP race

Jack chatting to designer Ron Tauranac, mechanic Ron Dennis behind them.

British GP - my shot before I could afford telephoto lenses!! Another race Jack should have won.

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Steve - I think the standard open face helmet Brabham wore was silver, the military one is white and the full face Bell helmet was white. I was going to suggest trying Patto for the decals but Ken's already come up with a great solution.

QUOTE (alfetta @ 26 Aug 2004, 18:31)If you want to paint your Brabham in the correct colours. I remeber that Heller made a BT33 in 1/24th, and in their instructions gave the mix in Humbrol colours. If my memory serves me correctly, (it was 25 years ago) it was a mixture of Green, Blue & Sky Blue. However the ratio eludes me.
Someone out there must have a copy of the instructions

Thanks to Alfeta jogging this tired old brain of mine, I remembered that I have an unbuilt Heller Brabham kit in my model room!

Here's the box top, instruction sheet and the decal sheet in case they are of use to you Steve.

The colour suggestion in the instructions is a mix in the following ratios of Humbrol 2 Green 1:6, Humbrol 47 Sky Blue 1:6 and Humbrol 14 Royal Blue 4:6

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QUOTE (JohnP @ 27 Aug 2004, 12:01)Personally I think the colour Steve has is fine
I agree John and I also said that a few posts ago, I'm not doubting Steve's excellent work. The extra info I was posting was for others who might be considering building a Brabham.

A great car Steve put together with attention to detail and to quote Jeff Davies with a passion.

Steve - I came across this shot on another site today, thought you might like it.

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