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Greetings, all. As proposed to fellow members, I ran a lot of very pretty slot cars last night in the hope of establishing how competitive our 70s Le Mans class is/could be.

With the Avant Slot Mirage owners voluntarily parking their mag-motored steeds and reverting to something else, I thought that I should grab a handful of Seventies spiders and run them back-to-back on the same lane (red) to see how they measured up. The results were:

  1. Slot.It Matra (lucky penny behind guide, zero grip front tyres) 11.52s
  2. Slot.It Ferrari 312PB (approx. 5g behind guide, standard tyres) 11.63s
  3. SRC Alfa Romeo 33TT12 (approx 6g weight in chassis, standard tyres) 11.65s
  4. Fly Porsche 908/3 (20p behind guide, standard tyres) 12.09s
  5. Sloter Lola (a dab of weight behind the guide, standard tyres) 12.59s

As a guide, the best lap I've got out of an Avant Slot Mirage on red lane is 9.68s and that's box standard, no modifications or weight.

The Matra was very smooth but kicked its tail out quite a bit in the slow bends. The Ferrari is less pleasant to run (short wheelbase sidewinder), but picks up better under acceleration.The SRC Alfa is just a little peach even on its convex rear rubber.

A pair of NSR Ultragrips on the back of the Fly Porsche would put it right in the leading pack. I'm not sure about the Lola because it is one of our much-abused club cars but it could easily gain a second if there's some way of taming the back end and letting the fairly epic-feeling motor do its work.

All in all I'd say that all these cars are well matched. It would be interesting to try a few more cars. In fact it's probably one of the most varied classes we have. On the assumption that Racer Sideways cars such as the Porsche 935s and Ferrari 512BBs are also out due to magnetic motors, there is still a heap of eligible cars including:

Porsche 917K, Porsche 935/78, Porsche 935, de Thomas Pantera, Ferrari 512BB

Porsche 906, Porsche 908, Porsche 917K/LH, Porsche 911, Porsche 934, Porsche 935 K3, Chevron B21, Chevron B19, Ferrari 365, Ferrari 512, BMW CSL, Lola T70

Le Mans Miniatures
Matra 670, Mirage GR8, Porsche 917/20, Porsche 935, Alpine A441, Alpine A442

Porsche 934

Ferrari 312PB

Racer (resin not Sideways)
Porsche 935

Greenwood Corvette

Porsche 935

Ford Gran Torino, Porsche 911 (Superslix), BMW CSL (Superslix)

SCX/Spanish Scalextric
Porsche 935, Alpine 2000, Porsche 917K

Alfa 33/3, Ferrari 312PB, Matra 670

Ferrari 312PB, Lola

Ferrari 512BB, Porsche 934, Porsche 934/5

Porsche 936

Ferrari 312PB, Ford Capri, Matra 670, Porsche 907, Porsche 914

Vanquish MG
Mirage GR7

All in all it was quite a pleasant way to spend a few minutes of pottering! Certainly one of the nicer and prettier classes in the roster.

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