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You are being to hard with yourself, the model looks quite good Imho, I like it🙂

There is always room for improvement on painting techniques but that’s step by step, even then from time to time you might still get some accidents, try airbrush if you want to step up a little.😉


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Hope you all do not mind we going on here but started a new 1979 USAC racer,
but thought it worth chucking in because it is a bit different from me taking a body and converting it.
I went more or less full scratch on this one. Trying to push what shapes I can get from styrene whilst
exploring the unique shape and curves I can make out on this particular car.

Mike Mosley Eagle. 3rd at Indy in 1979.

View attachment 289100

Apart from a few other internet sourced pics this is all I had to work from.
I looked at doing everything forward of the engine and then mating it to a SRC M23 rear end to then mate to their
strait forward M23 chassis retaining the screw mounting points.

Did a drawing starting with the engine dimensions and keeping the SRC track and wheel base.
Printed on to self adhesive film to stick to the styrene sheets for chopping out but hand.
I say that because it keeps occurring to me that a Cricut machine could be a good thing
whilst I continue to explore this medium. Sure the 3dprinting crowd will say otherwise but that will come one day.

View attachment 289101

With this done I set about cutting out and seeing how the styrene stood up to the shapes and bends on here.
Normally I would add my conversion on to an existing body but with the low profile of this car's side pods
I slotted the rear of the M23 body over my basic front end.

View attachment 289103

View attachment 289104

Triple thick skin thick around the front suspension area ready to drill into and mount the front wishbones
securely as this one will not have a front axle like my last one. On those USAC racers the top suspension arm went to the middle of the wheel. And it keeps the front wheel up off the track when it comes time to run it.

View attachment 289105

Front of the cockpit is of a profile I have never seen on any other racer that I can recall but the styrene behaved.

View attachment 289106

Ensured I had sufficient wheel clearance at the rear before mounting the radiator planes onto the main body.
Got some interesting shapes to form to match the curved panels as I go.
But with the cross brace just behind the front suspension and with the cockpit area done it has become quite sturdy whilst very very light.

Hope to make some real progress in the next couple of days whilst I am off work and the F1 and F2 is on the box.
Always glad to look at the old school S&B you and Frederic do mate, I like how you cut and glue and adapt to your needs, great work!, will follow the advances of this project with interest 😉👍🏼

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So I was going to have to leave this for a while.
That was until I tested positive for Covid and got ten days locked away at home for my trouble.
Feel rough but this project kept my mind off things although bit of effort needed at times to stay focused.

All the parts are made. Just waiting for some decals to arrive and art working those I need not included.
And the Mosley figure fits as snug as bug thankfully.

View attachment 290099

This thing has already got me thinking about some future Formula 1 projects of the time......

As I doubt I will post before 2021 is done, If you will just bare with me I just want to say.

I spent a good few years just doing statics and taking ideas from a top bunch of blokes
on an open wheel modelling forum. I learnt so much.
It sparked all kinds of ideas and attempts at building
models never produced as kits for my collection.
When I found out about the resin bodies available at 1/32 available through this forum,
I came back regularly and eventually submitted a model after looking at so much content on here
that sparked even more and more ideas. That and the bottle to have a go at doing some models
I would never have previously considered or thought I could ever do.
I do sometimes think it is a shame that I did not do all of this 10 or 15 years ago.
But would I have been able to?
The advances in the material we can now buy to sort out a decent chassis and motor/pinion/cog/axle/tire combo.
The tools available to get the precision parts and pieces done. The paints. The way of producing decals.
Resin casting being something for anyone willing to give it a go rather than a few specialists.
3d printing coming to the fore. Brilliant isn't it?
But do still very much admire the handcrafted resin shells that allow for mods.
Fascinating reading every time.
I mean an actual four wheel drive Lotus 63! The Porsches. The Beetles. That Indycar Dallara.

It all comes from passion. We all have this passion for this slot car thing
and go on and express it in such great diverse ways.
But what I find so cool is that I can learn and apply myself to trying things
because of what I see on this part of the forum. And strive to match some of the excellence I see.
This forum and the other one. I call it cross 'threading' (groan!).

If someone takes one thing I might do or mention and it sparks an idea
or a step in helping them create something they have a passion for themselves then all the better.

I think forum member Frederic touched on something similar in his own thread.

I have so much more to learn about chassis set ups and truing tires and digital systems etc
but for now the cosmetic is where I am focused and will continue to look and learn. Avidly.

Get off me soap box now.

Do keep well and stay safe. And thanks.

Hope you get better mate, most important is to rest and get rid of the stress that comes with the damn virus, so take your meds and try to relax.😉

The most profilic time I have had with my slot cars was when I got the virus, two whole weeks painting and building slot cars, figures and scenery, so at least I hope it will give you some quality time with your hobby.

Your models are great btw, old school S&B, keep it up!😀


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[QUOTE="Quatrozero, post: 2505168, member: 25862
I spent a good few years just doing statics and taking ideas from a top bunch of blokes
on an open wheel modelling forum.
Hola Joe,
Visité ese foro y vi algunos temas interesantes, como el Dallara.
Pero me ha quedado una duda. El traductor me traduce como un foro de "Ruedas abiertas"
¿Puedes aclararme la temática de ese foro? ¿Estáticos?

Hello Joe,
I visited that forum and saw some interesting topics, like the Dallara.
But I have a doubt. The translator translates me as an "Open Wheels" forum
Can you clarify the theme of that forum? Static?
“Open wheels” significa coches de F1 o Grand Prix, obvio es referencia a que son carros sin carenado alguno.

“Open wheels” means F1 or GP Cars, obviously means cars without fenders or body parts covering the wheels.

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