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Having found a source of De Cadenet decals(MTR32)for my Lola T380 that's been sitting around for about 5 years, I finally made a start.

Automotive lighting Chemical compound Plastic Glass Fashion accessory

From this I made a slush moulding and cast a mould from it as MTR32 has 9 decal versions!
The wing was moulded in so that had to be cut off and a new rear end and wing printed.

Wood Table Cable Plastic Wire

Rectangle Wood Bumper Tints and shades Gas

Also printed head lamp buckets to hold 3mm LED,s

Rectangle Body jewelry Wood Natural material Jewellery

3 Bodies so far...

Hood Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

First one ready to go 1980 Silverstone winner , MTR included nice Desire Wilson helmet decal !

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Not as accurate as the MTR RTR version but that was a bit to pricey for me, Antar Le Mans version next then may be the Belga livery .

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Nice model. .. Sealiink Ferries? ... Now that's a blast from the past! 馃槑

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Thank you to everybody for all the likes.

Nice work. Sometimes back-casting from a vac body, especially the good vintage Russkit versions for example, is a decent option.
If you can't find a 3DP file, that is....;)
I actually purchased a second Lola recently along with 2 other shells from the same supplier as a back up , it was nowhere as good as the older one.
All the shells look like they havent been "sucked" down properly .
MTR only sells the decals not the bodies anymore :(
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