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19th Turin Vintage meeting 3/4 May 2008

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Turin's Vintage Slot Meeting is the most classical and well-known appointment in the vintage slot world. In 2008 the meeting will be the 19th dition (the first was in 1978).
The swapmeet will take place on Saturday (10.00 am -7.00 p.m.) and Sunday morning.
Tables and participation are free and according to tradition the market precedes the actual meeting.
This year's subject will be:
1/24 Russkit: any original cars
1/32 all cars with plastic chassis and closed can type of motor. (i.e. Policar, Fleischman, Eldon, a few Scalextric, etc)

The Meeting is divided into two parts:
The Concours (with the voting of all participants) and the Race. Results in Concours will be awarded with 60% marks in regards to the race.

The spirit of this 19th Vintage Meeting is to gather the most exact and accurate copies of the originals in 1/24 and 1/32 scale. The scratchbuilt models may take part but will suffer a penalty.


1- The presented models will have to be the exact reproductions of model cars built before 31.12.1972.
2- Each competitor is allowed to present one single model for each category (1:24 and 1:32).
3- In order to enter the competition, each competitor will have to show his models before 9:30 on Sunday morning
The entry fee is 10 Euro per driver.
4- Each competitor will be given a voting form with all the models taking part in the Concours.
It's forbidden to vote for one's own models.
5-The vote will have a range from 1 to 9. For every competitor the highest and the lowest vote will be cancelled.
6-The outcome of the Concours will result from the sum of all valid votes.
7-The Contest score will be the following: the 1st 40 points, the 2nd 32 points, the 3rd 28, the 4th 26, the 5th 24, the
6th 22, the 7th 20, the 8th 18, the 9th 16, etc. up to the 16th who will get 2 points. From the 17th onwards 1 point.
8- After the Concours voting, the 1:24 and 1:32 races will take place in 3 minutes heats.
9- The Management will arrange the composition of the heats according to the performance of the models.
10- The final results of the race will get a minor score of the Contest. That is: the 1st 25 points, the 2nd 20 points, the
3rd 17, the 4th 15, the 5th 14, the 6th 13, and so on.
11- The sum of the two different results (Concours and Race), after deducting any possible penalty, will declare the
winner of the Meeting.
12- A Technical Commission will be created with 3 drivers to discuss and solve any type of problems which should


A. The spirit of the meeting consist in having the most faithful models as possible to the originals, with chassis, body and type of engine* of the same brand. Therefore also the models which do not meet the adequate requirements will be allowed to participate but will have to have deducted some penalty points from the total of the final points.

B. All tyres will have to be black. The use of repro tyres is allowed. It is forbidden the use of mou, both on the tyres and on the track.

C. Any kind of magnet on the chassis is forbidden. It is allowed to weight the model only with lead fixed inside the model.

D. It is allowed to lower the body by modifying the fastenings so to make the model look more realistic. The body of the model will not be allowed to be cut or filed. It is allowed only to add parts and not to removed them.
E. The foreseen penalties are the following:
- Chassis / body of different brands - 5 points
- Engine of a different type from the original* - 3 points
- Modified chassis (welding or lightening processes) - 4 points
- Scratch (parts of different brands or self-built) - 8 points
- Scratch Russkit (only if not documentary w/original box) - 3 points
- Russkit 4WD Bizzarrini, Lola T70, Lotus Indy + 3 points bonus

* With regards to "type of engine" it must be understood all motors with closed can in 1/32 (88, 100, 110, D16, etc.)
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I've been ask by Franco Uliana to publish this pic to show that foreigners (German racers in particular) coming to Turin, are all set in case they need to hook up their controller their usual way:

You have bananas and Magic plug.
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The rules posted rattle on about penalty points deductions but are a bit lacking in the fundamental's such as what type of black tyres are to be used.
Rubber, Silicon or foam?

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John, I think you can use any type of tyre, but seem to have a thought in my mind about sponge being forbidden, but maybe that's Bordeaux.
Anyway maybe the Italian rules would be better for you!

This is from last years regs, Ezio does not seem to have posted this years on his site yet.

Ezio's site


-A. Lo spirito del Meeting è quello di avere modelli il più fedeli possibili all'originale con telaio, carrozzeria e tipo di motore* della stessa Marca. Pertanto i modelli non conformi potranno partecipare ma dovranno detrarre alcuni punti di penalità dal totale dei punti finali.
-B. Tutte le gomme dovranno essere di colore nero (esclusi i "mostri"). E' consentito l'uso di gomme repro. E' vietato l'uso del mou sia sulle gomme che sulla pista.
-C. Tutti i magneti sul telaio sono vietati. E' consentito appesantire il modello con piombo fissato all'interno del modello.
-D. E' consentito abbassare la carrozzeria per rendere il modello più realistico modificandone gli attacchi. La carrozzeria non si potrà comunque tagliare o limare.
-D. Le penalità previste sono le seguenti.
Telaio/carrozzeria di marche diverse - 8 punti
Motore di tipo diverso dall'originale* - 3 punti
Carrozzeria termoformata (anche se originale) - 3 punti
Telaio modificato (saldature o alleggerimenti) - 5 punti
Scrath (parti di marche diverse o autocostruiti) -10 punti
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Right Phil, you're thinking of Bordeaux. Turin allows any type of black tire, and the spongies are supposed to be dry (except for cleaning via lighter fluid, etc.), but that seems to be more honored in the breach than in fact. (and that's why we banned spongies!). The penalties are also applied a bit haphazardly, so I don't really worry about the whole points thing. Nonetheless, Turin is a very friendly meeting John, and worth a trip. Not to mention the gnocchi....

Spy pics of the cars which will be raced by Franco, Bruno and Ezio in Turin in 1 month:

PS The Rules were sent by Email by Franco. They do exist, I made the translation into english.
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As it's only about 3 weeks before I set off to ride down for this event I'd better start getting organised.

Who do I contact to actually enter and which hotel are most people staying at?

I know points are lost for non original parts. This guide came with my Russkit car. Is it the correct one amd if so, how are the braids attached?

Thanks for your help.

See you all there


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Hi John
the only thing that you have to do is to let Franco Uliana know that you're coming so they know how many people there is for the Saturday dinner.
This year the hotel of choice is the Hotel Villa Savoia.We all going to be there.
PM with emails is waiting for you.
As for the guide I should have one set up already, I just have to find on which car and I will take a picture.
PS You're coming with your Yamazuki bike? Gee, you're a real hardcore biker if you are!
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That's an original Russkit patented slant-guide! You put the braids through the slots, with a lead wire behind it, and then a set screw goes behind in that little horizontal hole to hold the whole furschlugginer mess in place!

Simple, non?

Thank you gentlemen. I've e-mailed Franco and booked the hotel.

I'm coming down on my Fazer 1000. The VFR's riding position is a little extreme for long days in the saddle, I must be getting old but not too old, I have to have a long ride every spring to make up for not riding much over the winter.

I'll have a play with the guide tomorrow.


Just a couple more questions:

The original body on my Russkit Porsche has yellowed a lot. I believe there is a lot of emphasis on originality. Is it preferable for me to respray the original body on the outside or is it OK to just paint up a re-pop? How important are original colour schemes?

What size are the banana plugs to wire up my controller?

Thanks again.


In my humble opinion there's more emphasis on beauty and detailing than on originality per se... their Concours judging is sometimes a bit difficult to understand, so I just go with what I like, which means I'm usually well down in the pack! (except the one year that Pierre-Yves did my car...)

I'd ask Phil & Derek, the Dynamic Duo for their opinions - they're a bit shy, but might agree to say a word or two...

And the Italian plug is yet another strange one: check with the aforementioned twosome in case they should have any spares - Phil has already saved my bacon on my first trip to Turin - thanks Phil!

Dynamic Duo????

Now let me get up off the floor having laughed myself silly?

Offer an opinion - the dynamic duo - never!!!!
The Turin club will sell you a plug when you get there, its quite easy to swap over from "our" 3 pin type.
Wires go in the same relative positions.
This is what I did last year. See you there.
Hey Anthony,

I've always preferred "the Bickersons". Several guys from around the States still know them as that. Of course, it leads to lively discussions (usually over a beer or three) about which is John and which is Blanche! I've got my opinion...

Hey John,

As long as we're not racing against each other you're welcome to use my controller. I converted my Professor Motor (with mods from the good Professor himself as I need all the help I can get) to be the French plug (now that I think of it, it may have been Phil who did that for me) with a converter for French to American aligator clips, a converter for French to English, and a converter for French to Italian. Which plug is best? Who knows; who cares!

Hey Eddie,

We'll have LOTS to talk about regarding my 1/32 car! And you gave me heck at Bordeaux a few years ago!!!

Brad "I can taste proper pizza and Pironi already" Blohm
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They sound more like "Hinge and Bracket" to me!

I won't get involved in the personal stuff, I don't care what you call me, just to say that any publicity is good publicity

The Italian plug has screw connections as Eddie said so it's easy to change from the UK 3 pin, and they always have some spares to sell you.

I was speaking to Ezio at the weekend and asked about repoped Russkit bodies and he said they were ok, if you really can't get hold of an original.

I picked this up at the weekend

Unfortunatley it has a sratchbuilt brass chassis, anyone got an original Spyder chassis they can sell me?
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That came with the inline aluminum Carrera chassis Phil, not the Spyder...
Thanks Don, stand corrected.
More spy pictures from the Italian Musketeers:

Fleischmann Porsche 906:

Russkit Bizzarrini:

Russkit Eagle:

Hey Phil, look at those Lotus wheel inserts on that Eagle! Don't you think Ezio is loosing his touch?
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