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1st Endurance Event

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Well, thats the first endurance event over and done with and it was a cracking day, 12 racers turned up to take part and make 4 teams of 3. We started off with a qualifing session to decide which drivers would be with who followed by 4x 1 hour sessions of racing so each team got their fair share of the lanes. Each driver did a 15 minuet session before a change over and I would just like to take this oppertunity to take everyone for coming along and taking part, it was a great day and a good laff and we had some really really close racing.

The results are as follows;

1st - 'Norfolk & Chance'
Dave Wisdom
Total Laps: 2019

2nd - 'Team Chuckle Brothers'
Total Laps: 1983

3rd - 'Team NSR (Newcastle Slow Racers)'
Paul Fletcher
Total Laps: 1949

4th - 'Team T.C.C.'
Total Laps: 1910

Also, a special thanks to Lee and his Mrs for putting on an excellent buffet!

And it was nice to see Steve Fracais pop in to say hi

Pics to follow and the trophy will be presented at the next practice event.

Paul - Did you get those pebels cleared up?

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Thanks Dave, i'm really pleased you had a good day.

A couple of pics from the day, i'm sure a few others took some aswell.

Brian, Lee, Paul and Colin (from left to right).

The cars, 3x NSR Clios and 1x NSR Punto. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th (from left to right).

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QUOTE (PJF @ 8 May 2011, 19:20) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Well now you mention it, I will have to tell everyone what you said.

It was towards the end of the endurance race & there was lots of small bits of rubber just outside the racing lines.

Owensy turns to me & said "have you see all the pebbles ?"

I just gave him a blank look, then I said "what you on about, pebbles" so he points the bits of rubber & again said "the pebbles".

The penny drops & I turn to my not very clued up mate & say "marbles you numpty"

You know what I meant!

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QUOTE (steve francis @ 9 May 2011, 00:11) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanks for making me feel welcome and giving me the opportunity to have a blast round your track, you have made a really great track to race on, sorry i couldnt stay longer and have a good chat with you all but i was a very tight time schedule having to get back to London tonight. Well done to Dave and team for winning and hope we can catch up again in the future, cheers steve

Hi Steve

Just to echo what Dave has already said really, thanks for popping in and sorry I didnt get to speak to you but I had a look at the Volvo you are making and it looks great, some real hard work gone in to that, thanks for bringing it along

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