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2 Bodies...

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Funny thing. I did these two together. Could not decide on a colour. So as I had this hanging around from a project I did awhile back, I used it.

Both bodies where cleaned at the same time. then prepped with 2000 W&D then Astonish, then rinsed in cold water and left to dry.

Funny how it comes out the can. Both were sprayed together. Side by side on a stand.

One worked, the other did not.
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Paint is Halfords Ford Electric Orange. Requires 3 -4 coats over Halfords White Primer. Finish with Clear Lacquer.
Now, 3 coats was fine. But as the body was white, and I did not want to many layers of paint. (1 primer, 3 orange, 2 Lacquer, 6 coats of paint?). Would lose to much detail and add weight. Body unpainted 9g painted 11g
Interesting idea. Body, flat

I do not want to change the colour. Just put this down as a learning curve for the next 911. And I have never had any success at removing paint from models.
I'll sleep on it and take a good look in the morning.


PS, the paint was first used on This
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So, an idea, fine rub down with 2000 W&D, buy a new tin of Orange and see what happens. Will go with that. Can is a bit light now.
QUOTE (Wraith @ 12 Oct 2011, 22:48) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>What is astonish?

surprise, shock, amaze, astound


Oven, cooker cleaner. Fine paste, with a small amount of grit or on the Multi coloured cost shop.
Get a soft tooth brush, wet it, put some Astonish on TB, work into item you want to prep for painting. It's finer than 2000 W&D, gives a good key for paint, does not damage any detailing.

Also degreases. It's Astonishing stuff. But give item a good wash with cold/warm water after.
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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