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Someone got a great deal there, £40 for the lot, seller pays postage, so poor old seller only got about £17.50 for each car with chip in too! after he paid the postage.

I know, times are hard!, he got what he asked for them I guess.

Still those Scaley Porsche's are great cars, put in a motor(Orange or Teal), brass bushings, axles(hollow independent front), sidewinder spur, aluminium wheels of choice, upgraded tyres of choice, b-nova guide adaptor(thin size 1/16), or slotting plus universal guide or similar, magnet of choice or not(I use a C shape magnet for Scalextric, think that is about it and there you have a solid and fast car.

Ok all that will cost a few quid, but it sure is worth it. I thought so anyway
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