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The competition was fun
and many people participated. Thanks to all those who submitted entries, thanks to the judges who made the pre-selection and thanks to all the members who voted.

If you are interested in seeing all the 61 entries, click here.

1st place winner is Synth (22 votes) with this great photo:
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle

Synth wins a superbe Olympus MJU 400 4-Million-Pixel Digital Camera:
Camera Digital camera Camera lens Point-and-shoot camera Camera accessory

After Synth, in joint place (18 votes each) are GT40 and Mike with these photos respectively:
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Cloud
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle

They win one of the 2 other prizes suplied by Pendle Slot Racing and Pit Stop Distribution.
MRRC Toyota Celica LB Turbo and Porsche 956 New Man:
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire
Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Thank you to the people and companies that supplied the prizes.


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Great picture... it was also my favourite!!!

Thanx to all my voters... and congratulations to the other finalists... realy nice pictures... especially the black and white smal car looks like a nice poster for me..

Thanx Mike

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Congratulations to the winners... this competition was indeed fun!!!
I was very glad there were 2 photo's of me in the final 12!!!
(got any prizes for that? Hehe...

Is this gonna be an annuel event? I hope so... I'm a sucker for pics!!!
And I am very curious for all the other entries...



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I hate every last one of you!
1. For making it so difficult to choose
2. For making me realise I can never be that damned GOOD!

I assure you I am joking!
It was a real pleasure, though the overall standard was so incredibly good and the quality of all finalists AND many who didn't quite make it was nothing short of STUNNING, that it really was incredibly difficult to make choices.

Sincere congratulations to all who took part
and the winners - you are magnificent .

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congrats Synth.

Can't believe mine made it in. Did it tongue in cheek because everyone was complaining about non-leaning bikes so figured what would they say to a bike wheelie.

Also liked the little diecast car on the track, that was quite an arty shot.

My kids liked the crashing Ferrari's.

Some great shots also passed over in the preliminaries. Some guys really had a great concept for the shot.

Must have been tough for the judges.

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Congratulations Synth, GT40 and Mike. Must say the one I (contrarily) eliminated because I thought it would win, did.

It was a difficult task to choose from the finalists and would have been even more so with the whole field.

Congratulations to all involved
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