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2004 World Proxy Race

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The 2004 World Proxy Race rules are now posted at:
This one is for sedan based silhouette cars cars. So now you all have a project to fill in the holidays!

This will be first of two proxy races to be conducted next year. The second will be for Sports /Gt cars built during the 1950's. Rules for this one will be posted in the new year and will be conducted later in the year.

Merry Christmas all.

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Some of the guys are having problems with the pop ups blocking parts of most of the page......

I have added a copy of the rules to my page

Thank for that Chris,most people should be able to close the pop ups.
I'm looking forward to building a car for this series, Phil. Thanks to yourself, Chris, Graham and Allan for hosting this event.

I love these cars!

Might just enter this Top Slot Jaguar:

Allan, will you be entering your Nissan Skyline?

Kind regards,


PS: Nuro, this needs to be "pinned" at the top!
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Russell: I hope next year is a better year for you and you can manage to send an entry. Rhys Filbee has been bust creatinga mould of one of the Jags. I have not seen it as yet . I am bust convertinga Pontiac with big gaurds. These type of cars look great but I thnk we will be busy fixing rear wings back on!

Thanks to Wankel's great links page, I came across some 1/32nd scale resin BMW DRM Group 5 bodies, suitable for the World Proxy Series, made by DiTech Production in Germany.

They make the 1972 Schnitzer Jägermeister BMW 320s and the '68 Camaro that Jägermeister also entered in the 1972 DRM, as well as the Porsche 935 from the 1977 series. My favourite is the 1981 Rodenstock Group 5 BMW 320 Turbos.

The kits come with vac-formed windows and interior, photoetched grilles and other pieces and a decal sheet, or can be bought already painted and decaled.

The Rodenstock car was huge. In 1/32nd scale it measures about 70mm across the rear wheelarches!

Here are some pictures of the real thing; it's as ugly as sin:

With kind regards,

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Wondering what bodies everyone was thinking about running?

I had 3 options arrive today, a Supra, R33 Skyline GTR and a Toyota Celsior.
All look promising.

Right now I have a Ninco Mercedes DTM done up and in the testing stage.... And I also have just finished a Ninco Callaway Vetter..... also in the testing stage......

No being a great at making mods to bodies I will be sticking with the RTR bodies for this race.....

Looks like I'm still in time to get an aussie team together!

Now, which car?

I assume due to no magnets that these cars are allowed to be weighted?
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You can add wieght ,no problem especialy for Chris' track the uk tracks are a different matter light cars ar quicker but make em driver friendly ,there are some tips on the uk proxy site UK PROXY
Turismo: Certainly hope you can get an entry organised,it would be nice to have some other Aussie entering beside us guys from the Southern Island.What typr of track do you normally run on up in the centre? If you need any help jusy let me know.

Phil :
<<I assume due to no magnets that these cars are allowed to be weighted?>>


Yes, you will need weight
most of the real good running cars from the ALMS race we had last year.. crossed the scales at 150 grams + I think the heavy weight came in at 174 grams.....

To run well on my track you need weight and you HAVE to have the front wheels touching the track.... the Tripod set up just doesn't work on my track...

The DTM car I have goes 155 grams and the vette goes a bit over 170. and both are fast and very good handling....

With the proxy racing you want a driver friendly car.....

If you are entering and need info on set up for my track give me a shout.... glad to help....

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Thanks for that guys. Without being silly I will need all the help I can get, I've never done anything like this before.
We race on scaley classic track and use magnets (albeit stock). On a personal level the only non-magnet racing I have done was in Adelaide a few months ago.
I entered into a rookie race night amongst 18 other drivers. The track was routed and I didn't even have a tool kit with me. Just three cars to choose from. Fly M3 deemed itself to be useless in the practice session, the TA Camaro was too slow so the Lola B98 was the only car I had left and got the thumbs up.
This car was 100% box stock and I hadn't done more than a few laps at home with it.
Anyways, I came second outright for the night racing against a plethora of Fly Evos and other local oddities.
Race night is tonight, I'll see if I can get one or two other club members involved.
I'm thinking about entering a DTM Opel V8 or CLK Mercedes.

I guess with my limited experience I would weight tune the car if possible to race around our track at a similar speed to what these cars would in magnet guise.

Would this be fast enough?

The two cars mentioned above would get around our circuit in around the 4'3 sec mark. 56 feet.
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QUOTE (JBriggsK9 @ 7 Jan 2004, 06:53 PM)Right now I have a Ninco Mercedes DTM done up and in the testing stage.... And I also have just finished a Ninco Callaway Vetter..... also in the testing stage......

thats a good start Chris, we don't even have anything laid out at all!!

It looks as though the 2 cars we will be running are the Supra and Celsior ('90 Lexus LS400)

Nice looking track..... good combination of speed and handling...... Yes, you can test on it but as you saw on the routed track you ran your race on the routed tracks are a different world

Are you going to be doing up a scratch built chassis or modifying a RTR??

Scratch build is really the way to go.....

And most of the tuna (fish) tires will work well on the routed track we will be running on......



Is the Supra the new MRRC one?? or one you are going to do up from a model kit??

alway fun seeing and driving your cars......

AS soon as we stated laying out the rules and I knew what bodies we were talking for the class I got started........

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Chris: Adrian has managed to Import some kits from Hobby Link ,and he and several others are converting them to Sports Sedans with the big gaurds etc. Dave B is also going to run a Supra or one of Rhys's resin for me I am working on the pontiac. Greenman has a nice looking Audi underway to suit last years chassis.

As I have NO experience in scratch building I believe I will be using an RTR DTM style car, not sure which brand yet but I have a few clues.
Look forward to driving yours also Chris.

Dunno about these needing big guards, looks like just a small amount of bulging will be needed as both our bodies are just under 60mm as they are.

We have decided on what bodies to use, dad's car will use the Toyota Supra painted in the Team Tom's Castrol paint job, and my car will be a Lexus LS400 or Toyota Celsior (depending on which badge I want to use!) in a yet to be decided paint job, I have a few ideas though.

Which Pontiac is that Phil? Is it the Nascar body you have laying around or something else altogether?
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