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2004 World Proxy Race

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The 2004 World Proxy Race rules are now posted at:
This one is for sedan based silhouette cars cars. So now you all have a project to fill in the holidays!

This will be first of two proxy races to be conducted next year. The second will be for Sports /Gt cars built during the 1950's. Rules for this one will be posted in the new year and will be conducted later in the year.

Merry Christmas all.

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Wondering what bodies everyone was thinking about running?

I had 3 options arrive today, a Supra, R33 Skyline GTR and a Toyota Celsior.
All look promising.
QUOTE (JBriggsK9 @ 7 Jan 2004, 06:53 PM)Right now I have a Ninco Mercedes DTM done up and in the testing stage.... And I also have just finished a Ninco Callaway Vetter..... also in the testing stage......

thats a good start Chris, we don't even have anything laid out at all!!

It looks as though the 2 cars we will be running are the Supra and Celsior ('90 Lexus LS400)
Look forward to driving yours also Chris.

Dunno about these needing big guards, looks like just a small amount of bulging will be needed as both our bodies are just under 60mm as they are.

We have decided on what bodies to use, dad's car will use the Toyota Supra painted in the Team Tom's Castrol paint job, and my car will be a Lexus LS400 or Toyota Celsior (depending on which badge I want to use!) in a yet to be decided paint job, I have a few ideas though.

Which Pontiac is that Phil? Is it the Nascar body you have laying around or something else altogether?
This link shows the first pics of the chassis for my Proxy car.

Proxy race 2004
I look forward to giving them both a run Larry. Good to see some different thinking on a car by using a front mounted motor. May I sugest that you replace the Fly style spring driveshat joint with part of the inner plastic tube from a ball point pen it works much better, doesn't tend to break.

I have updated my site with more pics, Chris it wasn't ment to enlarge the pics it seemed like it was as I entered info to appear when cursor goes over pic, my mistake there.

The first pics of my Lexus LS400/Toyota Celsior body are included in the update.
Good to see you finally got yourself on here Dave!!
Well as Phil said our cars arrived a few days ago, I got mine back from him last night. First thing I did was take it for a drive to see if it really was a bad as the results have suggested, and OH MY GOD, what a dog!!

Anyway, we took the body off it and took it for a run without it, it is actually a brilliant car, very fast and handles brilliantly, so my cars problem is all in the body.
It is too heavy and the rear wheels bind in the rear guards when the chassis moves causing the whole car to tip badly.

First thing we are going to do is to make the rear wheelarches a bit larger then see if we can grind a whole lotta weight out of the body, hopefully this will make it a much better machine to drive. We have investigated changing the body for something else, but there is nothing we have that has a wheelbase long enough to fit the chassis!

Dad's car is the complete oppisite of mine, what a fantastic car, very fast and easy to drive. I can't understand why it didn't get better results than it has!

I enjoyed driving this car more than anything else there last night, I didn't wanna put it back into its box!!

Erlings car was also nice to drive, lacked the outright pace of a couple of the others, but it was very easy to drive on the limit!!

Anyway, I hope that my car improves and we see alot of very close racing here in the tassie rounds.
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Well tonight I checked out what bodies I have that will fit or come VERY close to fitting. At first I thought the scalex Mercedes DTM would be good, but the wheelbase was about 5mm too short.

I had basically given up until I remembered about my old scalex Opel Calibra. The wheelbase is slightly out, but can be altered easily enough and the width is nearly right on.

Anyway I have now decided that I will be running the Opel, it has less overhang is lower and weighs in at half the Lexus' weight!!! Lexus 44g Opel 22g.

I have now stripped the opel of its paint ready for the changes to the rear arches and a new paint job.

Hmmmm, what decals do I have to suit it, would like to do the motorola again, but I haven't got any more of them.

Phil, you got any Opel logos or badges from doing your Calibra?
Well the Tassie rounds start at Shelmore park raceway tomorrow nite, and my re-bodied car is ready. My Mototola backed Vauxhall Calibra V6 DTM has been modified, painted and mounted over the last two weeks and is ready to come out fighting for a podium position. There are a great number of cars ready to stop this happening though, not least the Castrol Toyota Supra JGTC car also a David Gray built machine.

The biggest opposition is expected to come from the overseas entries of Chris Briggs and Erling Brox as well as the local entries of Phil Kalbfell and David Bantoft with John Batich's having the potential to spring a suprise in its first apperence in this series. Anyway, many questions will be anwsered in tomorrow night race.
Well it seems that my prediction that John Batich's car would spring a suprise was spot on!! As well as that my hopes of my Vauxhall Calibra being much more competitive that in its previous outings as a Lexus were pretty well right also. I am quite happy with a top 10 finish and 3rd of the Tassie cars, all other drivers told me it was very nice to drive and easy to drive it just had a little bad luck with traffic.

I must say there was a bigger suprise than John's car on the night though, and that was the lack of competitiveness from Phil's cars. They just weren't producing any grip and really struggled, I had quite enjoyed driving both his cars in all testing prior, but I couldn't wait to get rid of them this time. I am sure they will be much improved for the next round.

Anyway, bring on the next round, hopefully my car will be even closer to the front of the field this time.
Graham we also use very little goo. Our tracks usually get cleaned prior to a proxy round and the tyres ona ll the cars cleaned, then one or two cars may need a small amount of goo, this is applied straight onto the tires. The UK cars tend to tip anyway, or just plain don't stop. The only one I like to drive at all is your Ferrari, and that didn't impress me at blowhole as much as at Shelmore, although it was VERY strong in testing on Rhys' track. It seems to lack power so this will suit the next round.

Chris, I really LOVED driving your Mercedes this week, I could just drive it sooo hard and consistent. most of the quick cars I think I got down to 5.3 or 5.4 second lap times, with the occasional 5.2 and most laps backed into the 5.5 region, but your car I was consitently running in 5.2s and 5.3 was a slow lap!!!! You think a Calibra might fit that chassis?
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Well I sure hope that our two cars continue the top 5 form that they showed in this first race. I think that 5th is probably my cars best finish in any of the races so far!!
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