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2004 World Proxy Race

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The 2004 World Proxy Race rules are now posted at:
This one is for sedan based silhouette cars cars. So now you all have a project to fill in the holidays!

This will be first of two proxy races to be conducted next year. The second will be for Sports /Gt cars built during the 1950's. Rules for this one will be posted in the new year and will be conducted later in the year.

Merry Christmas all.

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Looks like I'm still in time to get an aussie team together!

Now, which car?

I assume due to no magnets that these cars are allowed to be weighted?
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Thanks for that guys. Without being silly I will need all the help I can get, I've never done anything like this before.
We race on scaley classic track and use magnets (albeit stock). On a personal level the only non-magnet racing I have done was in Adelaide a few months ago.
I entered into a rookie race night amongst 18 other drivers. The track was routed and I didn't even have a tool kit with me. Just three cars to choose from. Fly M3 deemed itself to be useless in the practice session, the TA Camaro was too slow so the Lola B98 was the only car I had left and got the thumbs up.
This car was 100% box stock and I hadn't done more than a few laps at home with it.
Anyways, I came second outright for the night racing against a plethora of Fly Evos and other local oddities.
Race night is tonight, I'll see if I can get one or two other club members involved.
I'm thinking about entering a DTM Opel V8 or CLK Mercedes.

I guess with my limited experience I would weight tune the car if possible to race around our track at a similar speed to what these cars would in magnet guise.

Would this be fast enough?

The two cars mentioned above would get around our circuit in around the 4'3 sec mark. 56 feet.
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As I have NO experience in scratch building I believe I will be using an RTR DTM style car, not sure which brand yet but I have a few clues.
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