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2004 World Proxy Race

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The 2004 World Proxy Race rules are now posted at:
This one is for sedan based silhouette cars cars. So now you all have a project to fill in the holidays!

This will be first of two proxy races to be conducted next year. The second will be for Sports /Gt cars built during the 1950's. Rules for this one will be posted in the new year and will be conducted later in the year.

Merry Christmas all.

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You can add wieght ,no problem especialy for Chris' track the uk tracks are a different matter light cars ar quicker but make em driver friendly ,there are some tips on the uk proxy site UK PROXY
Have you set a date yet Chris.I need to let the guys know when the dead line is

Hi Phil,
got a ninco calibre lined up for this one but Im still undecide for the other probably going to be a pontiac trans am if I can make the hight reg its 5mm to low at the moment so Im having a re think
Ill probably try casting a couple of shells at the weekend and will give that a try ,the transam is to good not to use
Chris Briggs ,just been looking at your track pics to get a reminder of what were in for can you tell me are those 90 degree bends chicaned or is that an optical illusion
I see the real reason for a heavy car on your track
,now I need a wedge shaped body for car number 2
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Heres a few pics of my other car ,I need to have a rethink on the body as the
one I have been planning to use is a bit wide

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Thanks for the compliment Russell,I ran it at Pendle tonight as set up for Chris's race with a resin shell on ,it drives well and clocked low 8s right away,sorry to tell you this Chris but I took the front tyres off and found 6/10ths of a second with out any other mods so Im off to find some low friction wheels and a lighter body.
heres a pic of my 550 maranelo needs a paint job yet.

Chris what is the current record for your track?I want to compare last yrs times.
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Ferrari so far .

The paints on just a few bits to finish whish I could say the same for the other .I hope to ship before the 5th of march .
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So the 4.6's I'm getting on my 50 ft carrera shouldnt be far off .
Got some paint on the calibre last nightWhat do you think of the colour

Beejay the tyres are ok at 21mm the car should be ok with that , dont worry about running a bit of clearance you dont want the car to deck out .
by the time it comes to the UK races you will be able to run low as there is no problem with tape or braid clearance here we run down to 1/32"on Bolton and Pendle , I allow a bit more at Slot tech as the magna braid has been lifting a bit in a few places lately but that should be cured before the races
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I have 4 uk entrys boxed and ready to go now Chris ,we have been waiting for the mick lord /jim brown entry which as of last night was a non runner maybe it will be sorted for victors race,but entries from Mark Robinson , Mark Brandwood and my self myself are all sorted ,Mark Robinsons setting the fastest time in test at slot tech last night, All these cars are running heavy and with the front wheelsdown so the times on our tracks are somewhat down on last years by about 1/2 second,but thats on the gearing for chris's track.
I'll post some pics tonight
Chris can you differentiate between Larrys 2 cars on the results table as I would like to know how the front engine car is doing compared to the other,My own experiments with front engine are going quite well at the moment .
If its as good as your last years car then it will be good ,your car wars the best of the torsion bar type on 2 of our tracks last year and would have been placed a lot higher if the body had stayed put,but you cant avoid racing accidents
Well done Chris on a sound victory ,cant wait to drive that corvette it looks like a rocket. Many tanks also to Victor for hosting the event.
Tasmania here we come
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What a great report victor it almost makes me feel like I was at the wheel of my ferrari

Thanks from all the Brits for a great event
I recieved the uk cars back yesterday and can only echo what Phil has jut said ,Looking forward also to the targa proxy
Phil we are hoping to post monday if mark robbinsons car is right .alans also needs sorting as it has been tweeking up to the left ,twisted chassis nothing too serious with mark brandwoods we ran it last week at preston with out problem and both of mine are ok the calibre is a bit slow but it will have to do as the scw 1 motor is a bit under powered try it with out the weight when you get it it handles well.
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