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2004 World Proxy Race

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The 2004 World Proxy Race rules are now posted at:
This one is for sedan based silhouette cars cars. So now you all have a project to fill in the holidays!

This will be first of two proxy races to be conducted next year. The second will be for Sports /Gt cars built during the 1950's. Rules for this one will be posted in the new year and will be conducted later in the year.

Merry Christmas all.

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Just to confirm what Chris has said I will be sending the cars back to there relevent owners very shortly .And we are now deciding what to for next year .We are hoping to spread the UK leg out a bit and both Hamilton and North London have been aproached as extra venues.Alan has also said that the Swiss race would be ok for next year .

Id just like to say that this years event has been a stormer and the quality of the entries has been top class and I cant wait for the next one .
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Hello Graham; Was wondering if you have been able to send the World proxy cars back yet ? I know you said it would be shortly as they were not going on to Swiss. I have not seen any thing yet so was wondering on the status of them. Was planning on making some changes to them for some local races here this next month.


Larry Shephard
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on there way very shortly larry I'll drop you an email

I hate to be a pain in the ass, but can I have my car back? Plz
I want to play with it too.

just to clarify the world proxy situation I will be making an effort to clear the back log this week .Sorry about the delay but as most of you are aware Im still pretty much confined to the house at the moment .All cars will be despatched asap
Sorry Graham. I did not realize there were overriding circumstances.

I don't see a thread for it yet, but is there any news about the 2005 World Proxy in terms of dates/schedules, etc? I have found the rules and I'm thinking of building an entry once I work out what "fish rubber" is!

Where are the rules?

Fish rubber are sponge tyres, aren't they? I remember being confused when I started building a car for last years race.

Dennis and Andy

yes, Fish rubber is are sponge tires.. Parma, Alpha and a number of other companies make them...

Phil is doing a final tweek of the rules and at this time we are still working out dates.....

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