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2004 World Proxy Race

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The 2004 World Proxy Race rules are now posted at:
This one is for sedan based silhouette cars cars. So now you all have a project to fill in the holidays!

This will be first of two proxy races to be conducted next year. The second will be for Sports /Gt cars built during the 1950's. Rules for this one will be posted in the new year and will be conducted later in the year.

Merry Christmas all.

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Why oh why aren't vacuum-formed bodies permitted?! These bodies by MTR32 are magnificent:

And there are more!

Kind regards

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Where do you find this stuff
Now those are some bodies I would love to get.... great detail....... solid looking...... Hummmmmm Slush case time maybe???

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Have you set a date yet Chris.I need to let the guys know when the dead line is

Graham: Good to see that your chassis is on the way,are you building two cars this year? What body are you running? I have one chassis cut out ready for assembly. Several of our guys picked up bodies last night and also got bits to build their chassis's.

Hi Phil,
got a ninco calibre lined up for this one but Im still undecide for the other probably going to be a pontiac trans am if I can make the hight reg its 5mm to low at the moment so Im having a re think
Graham: Have had the same problem witha couple of bodies that I was looking ar using. But by adding side skirts it is easy to increase th height a few mm and the car still look right.

Ill probably try casting a couple of shells at the weekend and will give that a try ,the transam is to good not to use
Chris Briggs ,just been looking at your track pics to get a reminder of what were in for can you tell me are those 90 degree bends chicaned or is that an optical illusion
<<what were in for can you tell me are those 90 degree bends chicaned or is that an optical illusion>>


your eyes are not playing tricks on ya..... yes there is a chicane area (about 3 foot long) between the two truns, Oh yeah and the turns are chicanes too

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I see the real reason for a heavy car on your track
,now I need a wedge shaped body for car number 2
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I get scared when I see the good progress that everyone is making building new cars for this event!

Unfortunately, with so much happening at work during February and March (our 2004/05 budgets are due by the end of February and we close our 2003/04 financial year on the 31st of March, not to mention the launch of this baby), as well as other distractions such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, the ATP Dubai Tennis Open, the PGA Dubai Desert Classic and the Dubai World Cup (the world's richest horse race) all taking place during this time, it is unlikely that I will be able to finish a new car for the opening race of the World Proxy Race Series in New York in March.

I do however have this Opel Calibra, which I entered (and won) in the 1999 OWH Proxy Race:-

It meets the technical specifications of the WPRS and I could easily prep it with a fresh motor and tyres.

The question is, is the body legal? It's a 1/32nd 'ish' Scalextric C0596 Opel Calibra body, from the 'drug baron' range of Scalex cars that originally came with black windows:-

I flared the wheel arches out to 64mm and built up the front valance with sheet styrene:-

If it's legal, I will happily enter it. Comments?

Kind regards

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"drug baron" range! Love it

Nice paint job, far better than the dodgy Old Spice original and whatever happened to those original super-low profile tyres

A340-500, very nice. Actually I prefer the A330 it somehow seems more elegant with only two engines. However, any airliner pales into insignificance when looking at Concorde
If only Airbus or its CEO would give the type certs to BA we could get one flying again

No wonder you need beds on new airliners - they take that long to get anywhere!

Speed is life! sometimes a good maxim for slotcars too

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This link shows the first pics of the chassis for my Proxy car.

Proxy race 2004

Nice work...... can you fix the link to inlarge the pictures??

Here is a link to some of the Tassie Cars that will be entering the World Proxy Race.I will post more pics soon.

Remember that the cars have to be at Chris Brigg's by March 15th.
Here are my two World Proxy cars so far. Still some work to do on the bodies as far as detailing etc. Almost ready to sending them off to the world proxy races starting in New York at Chris Briggs. Then from there to Tasmania then on to the United Kingdom and posslbly on to Switzerland with whats left.

Two Fly Capri 1/32nd scale bodies are used on two similar but different scratch built chassis. One is a anglewinder the other is a front engined, drive shaft, inline setup. Both have torsion body chassis with independent floating bodies.

Both bodies will have vac formed light weight windows and sheet styrene interiors with a cut down Fly driver torso. Both will weigh in at around 135 grams. Both Motors are Slot-It 26k motors fitted with Mura Endbells and hardware

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I look forward to giving them both a run Larry. Good to see some different thinking on a car by using a front mounted motor. May I sugest that you replace the Fly style spring driveshat joint with part of the inner plastic tube from a ball point pen it works much better, doesn't tend to break.

I have updated my site with more pics, Chris it wasn't ment to enlarge the pics it seemed like it was as I entered info to appear when cursor goes over pic, my mistake there.

The first pics of my Lexus LS400/Toyota Celsior body are included in the update.
Thanks for the good words Adrian.

I must have ten of these scratch built drive shaft cars here with motors from mild to say a Cheetah or Falcon over about 6 years and have never broke a Fly spring so far. They must be lined up very straight with no offsets . Sometimes they have slipped on the shaft but then if I tin the shaft with solder and heat them up with some flux and the spring in position. Problem solved. I have seen a few too many guys with the plastic ones broken or slipping around here. So what ever works I guess. I trust them so far.

Larry S.
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