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2006 Classes

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Here's an extract from the minutes of the Eastcote AGM, giving the details of the classes to be run in 2006:

Sports/GT: We voted to keep the current Sports/GT class as it is for 2006, except that it is now permitted to use the Ninco NC6 motor. Plastic gears and hubs must still be used,, Ninco Prorace and NSR replacements are not permitted. This is to keep the initial cost of buying a competitive car as low as possible. It is not anticipated that the NC6 will have any great advantage over the NC5 on our track.

Touring Cars: This will continue as before (NC6 motors not allowed), except that the new Ninco 4WD Mitsubishi will be allowed in, with the 4WD system either connected or disconnected as you prefer.

SCX Rally: This will continue unchanged, as it has provided close racing and a good variety of cars which are competitive. Use of the ProTurbo is still permitted.

Hot Hatches: This will continue unchanged in 2006, with the addition that the SCX Fiesta and Citroen C2 will be allowed to race, using a Proturbo motor.

Formula One: It was narrowly voted to drop this as a championship class in 2006, but a one-off trophy meeting will be held for these cars on the 14th June.

Club Cars: It was decided that we should replace the Audi R8s, which, although they provided close racing, were a little bit slow and could be unreliable at times. Graham Hardy has very kindly offered to supply Ninco Renault Meganes for use as Club Cars, and we are very grateful for this generous offer. We also voted to purchase some Porsche 956s by about May time, for use as an alternative to the new Meganes and to relieve them of some of the wear and tear. These two types will give us good quality Club Cars for the foreseeable future.

Classic Porsches: We voted to replace Formula One with Classic Porsches (the Ninco 934/911 range with NC5 motors and suspension). These proved to be very popular in the 2005 Classic Championship, to the point where they rendered everything else more or less uncompetitive, and with them providing such good racing, it was a popular move to give them a class of their own. Again, with so little needing to be done to a box-standard car, they will provide a cheap way for a new member to have a raceworthy car.

Classic Cars: This again will be a stand-alone championship, with the two best results from three rounds to count. To give a greater variety to the grids, there will be two classes: Up to 1964 and 1965-1980. Points will be awarded for 'position in class' on each night, so you can run in a different class on another night, but not both classes on the one night. The pre-'64 cars can use up to an NC5, and in the '65-'80 class (which will be mostly Fly 917s and 512Ss) the 'breaks' given to these cars to help them in 2005 will no longer apply, so they are back to standard motors and tyres. As this is a 'fun' class, there will be a little more leeway granted by the scrutineers to enable these cars to perform well.

Supersports: This class managed to be both unpopular and stagnant, so it is dropped for 2006.

London GT Cars: These again scored well in the survey, and we voted to have a stand-alone championship for them, with the best two rounds counting from three. It was reiterated that the best cars in our Sports/GT class, the Ninco Supra and NSX are both fully compliant with LGT rules as they are, and should be competitive. Also, cars are eligible and will be on the pace. You don't therefore have to buy a new car or cars to run in this championship. Cars: We voted not to run these as a separate class, as they will be in use as club cars at times, and can also be run in the London GT class.

Endurance: This will be run as in 2005, with rounds for GT, Touring Cars (reversed track direction), Hot Hatches (reversed track direction), London GT, Classic Cars and Lights. Four rounds from six to count.

So, there you have them! It looks like being a really good year for us in 2006.

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Hi Mooster, Lowrider, 250 GTO and others at Eastcote.

Can Anybody please tell me where/who I can get some rules from for London Gt, London Endurance team and southern Porsche

Plus any available Dates that are confirmed for any venues

Need the info for all at Pinewood interested in entering one or more of the above series, and want to start building/gathering cars for the events.

Thanks for any Info Guys, 250 GTo has my E-mail address if you can/wish to forward info this way.

Regards Rollover.
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I think 250GTO is writing the 2006 rules as we speak! He'll speed some over to you as soon as they are available, I'm sure. There are a few changes being incorporated, such as the use of vac-form interiors in London GT, so there is a bit of work to do on them.


Yep Cheers mooster.

recieved rules for London Gt last night (cheers 250 GTO) all I need now is some dates to go with the venues.

Thanks for your help, See you at the 6 Hour event 10am-4pm on Saturday for practice, Sunday race day doors open 9am

Cheers rollover
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hi all at Eastcote

Does anyone know yet what was decided in regards to the Support Event for the London GT this season

Roly has not got back to me to let me Know
have members at the club interested in entering but need to know if support series is Southern Porsche or Soutern Slot.It challenge

Any help much appreciated

Regards Rollover.

See some of you at Pinewood on the 5th March for London GT Endurance
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Hi there

Roly was gathering the opinions of all concerned, and as of a couple of weeks ago it looked very much as if the Southern Porsche Challenge will continue this year. I'll extract the definitive answer from the man himself as soon as I can and get back to you.

See you soon

Yep Cheers Mooster.

Roly E-mailed me the details this afternoon

southern Porsche it is again as support series.

Both on the same day at the double header rounds
that could be a long day at some of the popular events

Pinewood is Booked to be open on the Saturday as well so could do one each day or open up on the Saturday for Practice

I'll let Roly decide.

Regards Rollover
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