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Class 13; F1 with or without pants. (carried over as last class from Q3)

Class 3; Hornby Small Wheel - don't forget this is Hornby only now (no SCX or Revell) - Escort Mexico (c52 style), Mini, Metro, Capri, Datsun, Maestro

Class 9; F2 Rally (2WD F2 Rally Cars) - no NSR (SCX, Scalex, Ninco)

Class 10; Trucks from any manufacturer (SCX, Fly and expensive Avant's and resin raid i guess?) - Track Brakes!

Class 14; Ninco GTR (Ninco NC1 motors) - McLaren F1GT, Porsche GT1, Ferrari F50

Class 15; SRS2 LM (SCX SRS2) -

Class 20; Fly Classic

Class 31; MRRC 60's

Bring your own cars;

5th, 19th Oct
2nd, 16th, 30th Nov
14th, 28th Dec

Club Cars;

12th, 26th Oct
9th, 23rd Nov.
7th, 21st Dec

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QUOTE (JEXY1 @ 16 Sep 2011, 10:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Class 15; SRS2 LM (SCX SRS2) -

Now I'm sure I've seen those going cheap somewhere!

Ebay, wasn't it??
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